Major NATO base in Afghanistan under attack

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" "Jalalabad airfield is under attack. I can confirm it. It is still going on, so I can't give much detail," said Lieutenant-Commander Iain Baxter, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force"
Note: Big news on the oil spill...while the Navy is at the front door of Iran, our military is protecting the mafia assets in AfPakistan (and losing the war), Iraq - hell who knows? Don't forget the 10 bases in Columbia - surrounding Chavez or whatever they are up to down there.

I just hope our guys don't get overrun over there because it is just a way of life, it seems, for the Afghans. Hopefully the Feds will just run themselves out of money before they come up with new ways to tax us. Perhaps they will leverage this Gulf thing into their way to take complete control.

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