a man in a sweatshirt and jeans jumped out with a gun in his hand

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" That was the end of the story until Mr. Graber posted video of the encounter on YouTube. Then six state troopers showed up with a search warrant, seized two computers, two laptops and a camera. The officers served the warrant at 6:45 a.m. on a weekday, detaining Mr. Graber's family for 90 minutes and forbidding his mother from leaving for work and his younger sister from going to school until the search was complete. Mr. Graber says he was shown a copy of a search warrant with a judge's signature on it but was only allowed to keep an unsigned copy — because the judge's identity is being kept secret.

Mr. Graber, who serves in the Air National Guard, was detained for 26 hours in the Baltimore County jail before seeing a judge to set his bond."
Note: I think this is why they call it "The People's Republic of Maryland"
Cops in sweatshirts, running around with guns - hey it's a big party! An episode of 24 with every arrest - until they get caught acting like a bunch of jackasses with guns. Insane police up there in Maryland. A Felony? The police are their own worst enemy.


  1. Honestly? This sort of attitude on the part of anyone in a uniform is like the brownness of shit. You should expect it.

    You have but on right in this universe. Turn and walk away. Exercising that right will allow you to plot a better course of revenge when no one is looking at you.

    When you find your rights less important than your life, do everyone a favor and forget the rules.

    Just get the job done, and then go back about your daily business as if nothing happened.

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