Mystery Crop Damage Threatens Hundreds Of Acres

UPDATE JUNE 2010 BP oil spill Corexit dispersants suspected in widespread crop damage


  1. Oil spill fallout. How obvious can you get? What a bunch of fools.

  2. No it looks like a concerted effort to target the food supply & kick off a collapse.

    1.10 minutes before the oil blow out US government officials turn up on the rig..
    Rig workers say they have never seen these men before. 10 mintues later BP oil blows.

    2. A disease effecting poppy fields in Afghanistan is now affecting the plants of American food supply.

    3. Israelis assassination list on the Flotilla dropped by one of the soldiers suggests target assassinations of Americans, activist..
    Hoping to kick of a disaster to hide their cons..

    Goldman Sachs & family can be linked to it all...

  3. If you do a web search you can find the story where a nearby refinery released sulfer trioxide in an accident. That would be the logical cause of this damage

  4. This New World Order bunch has long planned to use food as a weapon against us in America. The arm of this human disease mafia is Monsantos. Look up who they are and their background. The zionist/jewish cult that the New World Order gets its origins from needs to starve their enemies to death like they did in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. They killed 40 million people by starving them to death. They are most likely putting poison in the water as well as spraying from the air. People think this is only about money for the jewish bankers but its about the Talmud, their most holy book which tells them to kill those who aren't jewish or dominate their lives as though people were cattle or dogs. This is we have homelessness, high crimes and desperation throughout. They are taught to create a hell on earth for all non-jews. And if they need to yell "they are the victims", they then murder their own people to prove the point. Their patterns never change.

  5. judah robs manasseh
    judah poisons manasseh

  6. "If you do a web search you can find the story where a nearby refinery released sulfer trioxide in an accident. That would be the logical cause of this damage."

    That actually makes sense and these symptoms have the markings of sulphuric acid. Supposedly it is only short-term damage, but enough to destroy the crops this summer.

  7. It must be Bush's fault!

  8. http://www.newser.com/story/90199/toxic-oil-spill-dispersant-rain-could-devastate.html

  9. Unimaginable debt, oil spills, tornados, floods, now a plague on plants...a warning from God, perhaps, to kick out the Zionist beast? God bless America? The signs say otherwise.

  10. Lots of logic in the above comments. But life today isn't about logic. It's about how you can fool the people any which way you choose.

    Somehow I think that the Zionist media will find a way to blame it on Muslims so they can start another war.

  11. Kelly thanks for calling attention to this vid.

  12. Things certainly seem to be accelerating on many fronts.

    Catastrophic circumstances benefit the globalists because the population is forced to seek relief from the government. Who can afford to bite the hand that, literally, feeds them?

    Events seem to be herding the population toward an overdependence on government - by design - the solution to which is always... more global government and more taxes upon the masses to "fix" the "problems."

    The illogic is that we simply continue feeding the beast that devours us.
    Until we stop giving the baby more candy we can expect more and more and more of the same: A constant state of emergency/crisis/threat - exactly as was set up by Hitler to continue the power grab.

    We need big strikes - we need more whistleblowers - we need the military and cops to stop watching "24" and start reading the Bill of Rights.

    For now - I'm becoming more and more concerned that the powers that be will never give up the power they now hold unless it is either brought to an end due to lack of funding or wrested from their grip by violence.

    Violence is a crapshoot - and sure to lose without control of the media. Peaceful change can still happen - but without proper feedback to the public - real media - the truth - and rallying around the Bill of Rights and enforcing the Constitution - the organized mass effort required to be effective isn't coalescing.

    Anyway - sorry about rambling - and as always I am honored each of you took a moment to come by and especially for commenting.

    Freedom of speech when exercised really can work wonders.

  13. OBAMA'S PLAN; Everything west of the Rockies ceded to Mexico, The NorthEast, The Eastern Seaboard down to Virginia plus the North Central States ceded to Canada with its Muslim Majority. Only Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri and the original Rebel States remain as the remnant of the US, now calling themselves, The United Confederacy of America

  14. Does anyone know the date of this newscast? They said Shelby and Tipton county. What state is that and where is this channel 3 broadcasting from? Thanks.


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