Oil Spill Footage from CNN looks like a Hoax Video

First take a look at the shrimp situation: HERE - from the article:

" Though much of the Gulf of Mexico remains open to commercial fishing, Louisiana's biggest seafood item, shrimp, is down to just 30 percent of normal production, according to the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board.

... later in the article

John Hartshorne, store manager at Hill's Quality Seafood Exton location, said retailers like Hill's are currently selling frozen shrimp from the Gulf that were caught six to eight months ago.

"You'll see the impact six to eight months down the road," Hartshorne said. As for right now, "we're playing it by ear

Who can tell what to believe anymore? I don't rely on CNN for any direct truth - so any information coming from them is highly suspect. Truth from CNN must be gleaned by finding contradictions, anomalies, and always asking: "Who benefits?"

The oil spill is certainly keeping lots of important stuff off the radar - and subsequently out of the public mind - like the Israelis recently shooting an American citizen four times in the head. Two wars based on lies. Lots of other stuff.

Any way you look at this it is frustrating to live in a time of such deceit that we must no longer "trust but verify" but "distrust till verified."

Now watch this CNN video for comparison:

Note: Thanks Don for sending this interesting video.


  1. The door opening is most likely the result of this particular video being filmed from a camera that is focused on a monitor and someone opens a door in the room they are filming in... what is so hard to understand about that?

  2. ...so what else in the video is artifact from filming?

  3. Nothing you see, read or hear from the mainstream media can be trusted at all. They are nothing but corporate/political PR machines.

  4. There is no reason to trust CNN in the first place. What I find amazing is this: suppose the artifact is from someone opening a door behind a camera filming a monitor. What kind of quality control is this? They are talking about having scientists make judgement calls based on an image videod in a dark room? Why are there not original digital images to examine? That is complete bullshit. This brings everything in the video into question as we can no longer tell what is there and what isn't there.

  5. The sickening point about all this is just how diabolical these fiends are.

    A depression is a great time, and in fact the BEST time to be filthy stinking rich. THAT'S WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT. MONEY MEANS NOTHING UNLESS EVERYONE ELSE IS DIRT FUCKING POOR. THAT IS YOU, SUCKER.

    In 2001 -the point was, Americans are patriotic. 9-11 was done because Americans were patriotic at the time, and 9-11 would resonate with Americans. There was 9-11 money to be made playing the patriotism of Americans.

    Most Americans have since lost that patriotic sense about their country, especially those who are intelligent enough to have discovered that 9-11 was a false flag event, and most Americans have figured it out -too.

    Even THOSE Americans still care about their planet and their environment though.

    So we get the Gulf oil spill.

    There's gazillions being made off the Gulf oil spill during this depression. The government just promised to bail-out BP to the tune of 20 billion dollars worth of loan guarantees. That's what Barack Obama told everyone the other day, if you missed it.

    The Gulf oil spill is almost ALL "[...] being done in a tank."

    As one commenter has said, those oil tankers sent out to pick up the oil being siphoned off the sea floor -are actually controlling the media by dumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico.


    Those endless similar reports of a "50 mile long oil slick" or "plume" off Florida are just a crock of shit. If there is such a slick or plume, someone intentionally put it there.

    You are again being played for the sucker these swine know you are, EXACTLY the same as you were played for a sucker on 9-11.

    The economy is not going to recover, folks. Get used to massive unemployment. Get used to living in a Third World country.

    Almost every penny of the trillions in stimulus money spent by this cadre of heroin-addicted hoods from Chicago has either gone into their pockets, their friends' pockets, OR, -it ran overseas into China or Taiwan, South Korea or South America.

    "NO ONE HAS GOT NO FUCKING MONEY!" was what I was informed four years ago. THAT is even MORE true today.

    Nothing has changed. It is called a "depression".

    And it's not just about the economy.

    NOTHING works anymore. Our whole system of looking at the world and fruitlessly trying to drive it forward has collapsed, -BECAUSE THE WHOLE SYSTEM WAS ALWAYS A VAST FRAUD.




    And start the shooting -before you are shot by these swine for stealing a loaf of bread.

  6. Watch the video again -if you think it's just a reflection off the monitor. The person who put the clip together rules that out for you.

    The man opening the door is behind the oil coming out of the well-head. The person who put this together is sure of that. That is not a reflection.

    I've been saying this is all being done in a tank long before this YouTube video surfaced.

    It is just too fucking obvious that this is a fake.

    Watch the video again. There are two entirely different models of the well-head that also have come to light.

    The lighting is preposterous. Water isn't blue if you shine a light into it. Water is clear. And the bottom of the ocean a mile down is nothing but black.

    What the hell more do you need to see? Squibs?

    This is an inside the Oval Office PR stunt meant to change the subject of the public debate and obfuscate the reality of what is transpiring at every level.

    This country is being run by a liar from Kenya. We are in a depression. And if supply and demand determined the price of oil, a barrel of oil would cost $5 right now.

    It's over, folks.

    And YOU have all been had -AGAIN.

  7. please post the complete url so we can confirm this for ouraselves

  8. ...and a third of the seas shall turn to blood. - Revelations.

  9. The fact that it is a reflection of anything means that it is, at best, a secondary COPY of HI-RES, which not only means its not actually hi res, but a reproduction of HI-RES...which therefore means it has been recorded and therefore not live and therefore can and has been edited for content...not very well i might add...has anybody been confirming the fact that there are many loops being released as "live bp footage"....

  10. How about this instead? Someone show me something from the Gulf oil spill that could NOT be faked.

    That's been my contention for several weeks, long before this video surfaced.

    I think this video says it all. It's being done in a fucking tank.

    And nothing has changed, except that the government doesn't want anyone flying overhead in the Gulf and watching what is actually transpiring.

    So, the poster here who says, give me more of the detail, which no one has, which the government and BP have intentionally kept beyond anyone's reach, is setting up a straw dog that cannot be put down.

    It doesn't matter anyway. The videos, none of them, look like 5000 feet down. And they all clearly look like they are videos of something taking place in a tank somewhere, -several tanks in fact.

    This is a con job.

    What I am saying is, this thing is going to go away faster than it arrived. And when the tide goes out, all these screaming hare-brained idiots on the alternative media are going to look like they got their pants pulled down at recess by the bullies in the White House who are nothing more than professional liars.

    If they're not lying, then where the fuck is their economic recovery?

    BULL FUCKING SHIT, -is all that comes out of this lying Kenyan's mouth.

    Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me the umpteenth time, and I'm just another typical dumb-ass American.

    The man's name is Barry Soetoro.

    He was born in Kenya.

    He was put in office by none other than the likes of those who are the money behind BP.

    YOU add it up. It's fucking fraud, if there ever was a fraud.

  11. That would also occur if that was some kind of water tank and we were seeing the reflections of someone behind the camera opening a door. Whatever it is it would not occur underwater in the same setting as what we have seen on previous BP footage.

  12. Whoever made the first comment at the top of the page about that being a result of a camera filming a monitor is a moron since when does any Tv studio do that? Anyone who has ever filmed a monitor with a camera knows what happens the screen looks all blurry and has lines moving up and down. Go try it your self and see what happens. That is not very high tech is it? You think people are stupid. Stupid people fall for stupid lies. Get your story together next time you try to lie to people.

  13. The liars in many cases grab the opportunity to be first in line to "debunk" something that is right before our eyes. They are not always the first to comment of course, but thanks to the rest of you the truth gets hashed out - with so many things I would never think of on my own. The comments bring the truth out - thanks to all on both sides.

  14. Am I the only one who sees the divers at 2:19 sec in the video.

  15. I don't know what happened to the video - tried to get it some exposure and now it won't play. Great

  16. What's with you people? Has MacFluoride finally done for your pineal glands or something?

    Could you please tell me how this 'fake' video is causing countless _documented_and_filmed_ marine deaths and destruction all along the Gulf coast?

    Oh, right, the Corexit9500 has done it all, thanks to NALCO/GoldmanSux ?

    So why are military families moving 'en masse' out of the area?

    What's so special about the Gulf to Cheney/Blackwater types that they would set out to destroy the entire atlantic's food chain source?


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