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" “We are faced with almost the total destruction of Greece’s social security and labor system,” Spyros Papaspyrou, chairman of ADEDY union for civil servants, said by telephone before the march. “We remain committed to this struggle.”

Greece is in the midst of its biggest upheaval since joining the euro nine years ago after being forced to take action to avoid a debt default. Reforms to pensions and the way workers are hired and fired are required by the European Union and International Monetary Fund in return for the 110 billion euros ($135 billion) of emergency loans agreed in May."
Note: So it's time for the workers to work more - until they get to the point where we are in the US - just debt slaves. Losing everything. They're better off fighting it out now or they'll end up like we are - divided and getting robbed anyway.

As far as I'm concerned the privatization ideas Americans wish would work - but never seem to - actually would work if we didn't have such a corrupt and untethered government with globalist puppetmasters fomenting disaster every time we seem to get our head above water. I don't see any reason Greece or any other country cannot afford to care for EVERY SINGLE SICK PERSON - that is - as long as all the money that would normally go to paying for such things didn't get shipped off to international bankers, military mass-murderers fighting imperial made-up wars, and other assorted legalized thieves.

The Greeks are taking a stand - perhaps Americans will get some of the word - but it may not matter. Perhaps the media situation was in lock-down in Greece like it is here - and they got their riots anyway. But what will be the outcome without free press to give feedback to the public? With corporations portraying every REAL event in a manner synthetically produced that fits their fake transmitted world-view?

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