Richard Gage's Gnosis Interview in Tucson


  1. Hello-
    Thermite alone cannot account for the level of destruction seen at ground zero. I appreciate the good work that all are doing to wake people up, but we all must go further! Follow the evidence, see the "field effects" & "toasted cars" @:



  2. Thank you for the comment - I will examine the information you are presenting - the more I do this - the more open my mind becomes as I become ever more aware of my own ignorance.

    The toasted cars I've seen - definitely bizarre.

    I think Richard Gage and his group are framing the problem - not that other forced weren't used - but he doesn't even really get into the Pentagon - simply - and this is my opinion - to make sure to eliminate variables - and remain focused on a battle they are winning.

    So I never fault AE911 Truth for steering clear of other anomalies - I think he is exercising judgement - because this whole thing is so complicated - getting side-tracked is a guaranteed way to get marginalized and caught up in disinfo.

    I think it is important to pick very very specific battles that can be won - each group picking their battle - but at the same time - if this 911 truth movement doesn't join forces - we're gonna become an ineffective part of history rather than the muckrakers that demonstrated to the world that grass-roots citizen action is the way to preserve liberty and rid our governments of crooks and murderers.

    Again - thank you for the comment and I will look



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