U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe

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" I have a bit of trouble believing what Wired is reporting here.
One just can’t go “rummaging through” compartmented files. Each person with access to a particular compartment would have to be individually cleared for that compartment.
Say the compartmented thing is a new spy plane that is designated with the codeword AAA. Bob works on one of the sensors that has the codeword AAA/BBB. Jim works on the avionics. That compartment is AAA/CCC. Bob, feeling bored one day, can’t just go have a look at the AAA/CCC avionics data. He wouldn’t have access. Jim, likewise, can’t access the AAA/BBB sensor compartment.
Also, I’ve heard stories from people with access to various classified, “air gapped” systems and they report that there’s no way to get data off of those systems because the floppy and optical drives are removed and USB is disabled or the ports have been filled in with epoxy to prevent the use of flash drives.
Obviously, there’s the way that things are supposed to work in theory, and then there’s what happens on the ground. Are there TS/SCI systems with CDRW drives and working USB ports? That would be hilarious and encouraging if true."

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