Video: Kagan Calls Israeli Activist Judge 'My Hero'

She's not mine. I like the Constitution.


  1. Okay. I've had enough.

    Elena Kagan is just a bit too Jewish to be a SCOTUS nominee.

  2. Two Jewish SCOTUS judges has every appearance of impropriety. Three would be obscene.

    The ridiculous lack of moral and ethical propriety of this nominee is systemic.

    The shameless absence of even any sense of propriety in both the Obama's nomination of a Jewish candidate for this high office, to sit on the nine-justice bench with two other Jewish justices, has only been surpassed by the candidate herself -who shows no more shame than the classless Obama -who nominated yet another Jew -apparently- to hideously laud like Gods over all the mere non-Jews.

    Elena Kagan now has the asinine audacity to praise an Israeli judge as her "hero". This social climber from Harvard has never contributed anything to this country. She has only taken, taken and continued to take.

    This reflects badly -not just on Obama and Kagan though. The law is in such poor shape in this country, we don't need a Jewish law academic. We need justices who represent and can relate to the population in the country.

    Kagan does not fit the bill.

    This utter lack common propriety reflects most gravely upon Harvard University -who paid Ms Kagan nearly a half million dollars a year to impress impressionable young, up and coming Harvard students at the School of Law with her unseemly Jewish license to act with both moral and ethical impropriety far beyond the bounds of our moral humanity.

    The rabbinical philosophy that Kagan knows -is a crude and belligerent excuse for rank and barbaric militarism at best. At its worst, it is the moral relativism of the Existentialists proclaiming like the Cole Porter tune, "Anything goes!"

    Anything goes as long as it favors colonialist European Jews who do not seem to fit in with the neighbors they picked in the Middle East. So, those European Jews have waged a sixty year war of ethnic cleansing and land theft.

    That is WHAT Elena Kagan admires.

    The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.

    We are being asked here with this nomination to differentiate between the future of the rest of the world, and the future of Jews for some immoral reason. That is the truth.

    Where do these moral thoughts fit in -in the perspective of what we are seeing unfold here -in our world? -in our country? and by this obscene nomination of a third Jewish SCOTUS justice?


    One Jewish justice on the Supreme Court in more than enough if we look at the demographics of the choice. Two has all the appearance of impropriety. Three is simply obscene and beyond all reason -moral or logical.

    Emigrate to Israel, Elena Kagan. There you can laud over the Palestinians as if THEY were non-human.

    Here in the US, your nomination only denigrates all Jews.


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