White House chief tied to BP adviser

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" White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, WND has learned, lived rent-free in Washington, D.C., for years, thanks in part to a friend under contract with oil giant BP."
Note: Interesting - nice to know which side Rahm is on. He was on the side of the Israelis as an IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) soldier during Gulf War 1, (didn't fight for US) and now - his habit of mixed loyalties continues - to the detriment and impoverishment of the citizens of the United States of America. Just another Zionist pile of dung.


  1. Elena Kagan the Supreme Court nominee who would make the third Jew sitting on the Supreme Court, ALSO is both tied to BP and Goldman Sachs.

    She is even more shameless in light of what Israel just did.

    Let me dispel this myth that Harvard alumni or ex-faculty should reign in the seats of government.

    Metropolitan Boston -after all is said and done- is best described as the gigantic colostomy bag of an intellectual ill nation.

    The Harvard endowment has taken a huge beating during this latest downturn, even with all its best and brightest, its connections and having never been prosecuted for insider trading, -LOL!

    Harvard pussies proclaim themselves, with their air and hubris, to be geniuses. A skunk-hole genius is more like it, if you haven't ever grown tired of hearing about it.

    Harvard folks are generally fatter and less healthy than everyone else. Many suffer severe mental illness, something like 80% do.

    Harvard bred doctors as a class are rank drug addicts. Their lawyers are rank thieves and liars. And their scientists have invented all manner of ills for mankind.

    If someone really does have a nuclear bomb in this country, Harvard Yard where the cows used to graze, -would be a good location to let it off. Let it off right under the statue of the scumbag, John Harvard and level all of Cambridge and the surrounding area right out past Route 128, toward Route 495.

    And be sure all the students and faculty are in town.

    Yes. That's my vote for where to put one of the bombs. I hope it's fucking god-damned big one too.

  2. The problem with this Jewish legal aspirant from Harvard, is not so much that she's Jewish, but that she's going to be the third Jew on the Supreme Court that sits nine justices, while Jews as a percentage of the US population make up less than 5%.

    There's something utterly repugnant in this nomination. It is crass.

    This Kagan from Harvard apparently has no shame, and, no sense of propriety to continue on in this Legal Princess Charade.

    I never felt comfortable with Jewish professors in college. They too were over-represented. They seemed to socially favor the Jewish students who sat in their classes. It seemed a club to which I did not and could not belong.

    I remember one professor who taught political science, one Richard Posner, -who made a point on day of telling the class of seven students (this was an upper-level course) that he didn't trust anyone who had two first names as a first and a last name, i.e., Paul Peters or Richard Richardson.

    I took it as a clear swipe at me, and a invitation to drop the course at his hint to do so. And I did drop the course too.

    I have nothing against Jews. But I do not ever want to either be before a Jewish judge, be represented by a Jewish attorney, nor have so many Jews sitting on the highest court in the land. I'd rather be before someone named Paul Peters or Richard Richardson. That's only natural.

    Jewish people, like ALL people, have tendencies to both be and be perceived as bigots, the latter of which is just as negative in our society as the former.

    And THAT is why this Kagan is simply an ignorant social-climber.

    She should understand the impropriety her nomination is perceived to be by many in our society, -and rightly so.

    I would think more of her -if she withdrew her nomination to be a Supreme Court Justice for the rest of her life.

    I would think more of every Jew, were some of them to impose upon Elena Kagan to withdraw her nomination because of the impropriety of it.

    There are many Jews who oppose Zionist Israel. One has to wonder if this isn't just a socially acceptable feint.

    Where are those Jews who oppose this quite obviously heinous nomination of Elena Kagan?

    The Supreme Court is just a bit too exclusive of a lifetime club to allow Jews to be over-represented is my instinct.

  3. By Heracles - the comments are so good I'm gonna' be put out of business.


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