Woman pleads guilty to accessing Obama's student loan records

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" The records were accessed while Obama was a candidate for president, president-elect and after he took office, documents say."
Note: Nothing like 'transparency' - who cares about this idiot-prez's student loans? Unless they show that he wasn't a citizen or something like that - then I guess the game changes a bit. I suppose we'll have to wait to find out.


  1. If there had been anything in the file that she accessed that indicated that Obama had received aid as a foreign student, she would certainly have told someone and we would have heard by now.

    Obama received financial aid because he was a good student. That is known as a scholarship.

  2. By the way - the "we would have heard about it by now" line is a bit old. Think about how many people were involved in the Manhattan project - and the vice president didn't even know about it until he took office.

    Your logic needs work.


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