Almost all Exxon Valdez Workers are Now Dead

Note: But I guess this time there is nothing to worry about.


  1. ----- Floridians? Expendable.
    ----- Alabamans? Expendable.
    ----- Louisianans? Expendable.
    ----- Texans? Expendable.

    Cubans? Don't even ask what is going on there.

    Honestly, this stuff is toxic enough people many hundreds miles inland are going to see the
    statistical shift in cancer deaths. Dioxins and PCBs are well known and documented to kill for many decades. Crude oil has them both.

    But consider!

    Profits from applied science raping the Gulf?

    ---- PRICELESS ----

    Every time they blow off a nuclear weapon, or shoot a round of Depleted Uranium ammunition, scientists calculate how many will die from the resulting cancers and related diseases.

    Many of those will be U.S. soldiers and support personnel.

    Scientific progress, is anything other than human progress.

  2. Thanks commenter - yes I agree - the words of our dear leaders and much of the misguided public is "support the troops" while 1.3 million Iraqis have been snuffed out with taxpayer money while veterans rot in the streets.

    Concern over "global warming" now "global climate change" while oil is spewing into the Gulf - by funny - in either case what do they need? More of our money to piss away.

    Methinks they are corrupt and hopefully this public will wake up to the fact before we wreck the whole place.

  3. I'm starting to see your point about "scientific progress" as the science seems to be further ahead in progress when it comes to military arms and destructive technologies so sickos can have more power and influence, while science progresses ever so slowly when it comes to feeding the starving. Something is definitely wrong with science and scientists today - and I believe it begins with their personal ethics - and in many cases - moral cowardice for selling out to the weapons goons.

    Anybody that would blow a nuclear bomb off in the ocean is basically fucked up.


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