Glenn Beck: “Do we have to go to the Bilderbergers?”

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" Rupert Murdoch, head of Fox, is a Bilderberger. With all eyes pointing to the Bilderberg Clan, could that be Mr. Murdoch telling Glenn to take credit away from the ones that would bring him to the fore?; to deflect concern by mocking those that would bring him to suspicion. Is that the reason for that big, fat paycheck?
Just like Beck would tell you on one of his shows related to 9/11, “you are not one of those people are you?”
Note: Remember that Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck appeared, magically, just a day or so after September 11, 2001 if my memory serves me correctly. By "arrived" I mean appeared on the AM radio scene in Washington, D.C. to "let 'em have it" - ya' know - them Muslim bastards that did 911. His vitriole at that time - I have to give it to the shithead - very nice propaganda.

He is an enemy of our Republic. He is an enemy of our Republic.

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