Gun Sales Expected to Shoot Up: A Good Thing for American Liberty

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" Violence-plagued Chicago's ban on handguns and automatic weapons was unique in its strictness -- only the District of Columbia had ever attempted to legislate an outright ban on handguns, and that was overturned by the Supreme Court in June 2008. But many states, such as New York, have extremely strict permit laws pertaining to purchasing and carrying firearms."

Note: And back in the late 80's when I lived in Washington, D.C. they were the murder capital of the world. Several years in a row - with the toughest gun laws. They blamed all their problems on Virginia. There is one place where prohibition works to control human behaviour - fantasyland.

I'm glad the public is armed because that will keep those intent on tyranny thinking. Recent history proves that even the American military with all their money and highly priced high-tech stuff fails when facing good old fashioned partisans.

I don't want everybody packing heat - but the recent actions of my government make me prefer a population armed to the teeth over a government armed to the teeth with a disarmed population.

One other thing - the cops are NOT protecting us. They have become an industry attached to the private prison industry, much of the "drug war" law industry, and the tyranny (war on horror/terror) industry. They only show up later to pick up the bodies and find somebody to blame.

Sorry if I'm so down on police - but they are no longer what they were when I was growing up. I new Mr. B. - the cop who lived in my neighborhood. He was a likable guy - you could talk to him. He was my neighbor. He did NOT wear black ninja outfits with gas masks and carry a machine gun.

The money is drying up - and the public is waking up. Nobody wants a police state - and these gun sales tell me nobody is going to tolerate one either. It also demonstrates that the public IS willing to take responsibility for their own protection. A much cheaper alternative to "safety" than hired thugs with assault weapons and Tasers.

Somehow I think the more guns out there - the LESS likely it will be that there will be a violent revolution. We'll see.

Consider this recent waste of money - pay special attention to the assortment of agencies, Police Departments and pseudo-soldiers involved in a false alarm:

Where's the bill for the waste above?

Here's another you may remember - where more high-tech goodies, at taxpayer expense are tested with our "public servants" hiding behind half-opened tinted cruiser windows. Obviously they forgot who they are supposed to work for...

Take a look at this excellent article - where we find that more guns means less crime. This comes from the FBI's own stats.

" The early 2009 data suggests the crime-dropping trend of 2008 is not just continuing but accelerating. In 2008, the same data showed a nearly 4 percent drop in murder and manslaughter, and an overall drop in violent crime of 1.9 percent from 2007 to 2008.—Associated Press"

Rabbit Conclusion:

The nanny state doesn't work. We are on our own here in America - nobody is coming to save us. The public seems OK with that. If only our government would stick to their real business - the business of protecting our liberty. They can't lead, we won't follow - perhaps they should just get out of our way.


  1. More guns + fewer cops = less crime.
    Enough cops to rescue your cowardly ass from a home invasion in three minutes is enough cops to bankrupt your city and harass citizens for revenue generating ticket and arrest quotas. If you have a home invasion, shoot the bastard then ask 911 to send the medical examiner's van with a body bag. Tell them the cops can tag along or eat some more donuts, whichever they like.

  2. Guns are why we are free!!

  3. Guns are why you will be freed of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, being the sufficient cause of none of these save the rule of justice which must then oppose you. Only that law as is presently embodied in the Constitution and vested in a government protective of the people and their rights can be the true guarantor of these rights. Such a government exists today. Resistance to such authority is therefore futile, illegal and damning of all who seek to subvert the true vessel of liberty with some homespun version of their own.


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