In Search of Lee Harvey Oswald with some comments

Perhaps you will enjoy this "old" series from the seventies when "we" were still fighting the Russians - the boogieman from my childhood. The Russians I've met, so far, came here for work and to start a new life. Some may have even marveled at our roads - where one can actually get a car above 35 MPH.

But now in the year 2010 as Americans wake up to the criminal nature of their own government things are not so simple. The use of television as a mind-control device via pre-propaganda and propaganda, and its use as disinfo and misinfo apparatus have become glaringly obvious. For this reason past shows can sometimes provide a correction to our vision yielding a clearer view of what is true and what is not true. Anyway here are the two episodes narrated by Leonard Nimoy:

Part 1

Part 2

Bonus Video by CLICKING HERE for alternate theory regarding Executive Order 11110
Other episodes from this series, at the very beginning, like the one below at time approx. 1:18 sec. demonstrate a bygone era - prior to Pox News, where the audience was warned that speculation and theory were to be presented.**

Also - regarding Oswald - it seems that in the seventies one could blame just about anything on the Russians. It's funny that the CIA is the group doing the investigation - almost like corporations of today - in charge of investigating themselves. One thing is certain - that in the end - the public has no official answers that match the evidence. This, to me, spells incompetence or involvement on the part of the investigators - and my opinion leans more toward involvement with each passing day.

Obviously the "we can investigate ourselves while keeping everything secret" model for finding truth doesn't work - ever. Time for that to stop. As long as the American public is satisfied with fairy tale answers forwarded by corrupt public servants for events that bring us to war, serve as a basis for the sacrifice of our sovereignty, or provide excuses for ever more federal usurpation of citizens' rights - we can expect an escalation in frequency and magnitude of such public spectacles like 911 and the assassination of JFK - as the globalists lead us farther down the rabbit hole that is the "war on terror."

**Bonus Video: (double click on video to get to youtube page for other segments)
This episode is fun - demonstrates the open-mindedness of the creators - allowing examination of "far out" subject matter, admitting this to the audience up front - while allowing for the thrill that comes with setting our imaginations free for awhile...

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