Jordan Queen Rania never got offer to publish Hebrew translation of her book, say official sources

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" Official Jordanian sources said that Rania had never received such an offer from Israeli publishers, adding that requests like these would have been sent directly to the U.S. publisher and not to the writer herself."

This post is to clarify/correct a previous article posted below on this blog:

Here's a snippet from the incorrect article Jordan's Queen Rania rejects offer to publish Hebrew edition of her children's book

" Queen Rania of Jordan has turned down several offers to publish a Hebrew version of a children's book she recently wrote. The book, which was published in the United States by Hyperion under the title "The Sandwich Swap" for children between 4 and 8 years old, was co-written with Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Tricia Tusa."
Note: Thanks to a commenter from the last post for sending in correcting information. My only criticism is the application of a persons sex as a filter with which to determine whether or not they will get the attention they need. But I don't have all the facts - so there's one opinion for what it is worth. I suppose they are doing their best - but what do you say to the kid you don't have room for on the school bus? I know it is not a perfect world. I favor merit-based systems - and that doesn't necessarily mean smartest - there's hard-working, persistent, and honest that can be taken into consideration too. I think the girls-only schools are as bad as the men-first society we have now. Neither is a good solution.

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