A Letter to a Senator: Is it Rational? Is it Radical? Is it Right?

Honorable Susan Collins
US Senate
Washington DC

RE: The New Opium War Being Waged On America


This lying impostor President is advancing a new drug war on our own nation, as I am absolutely sure the government is behind this new K2 drug being openly marketed over the Internet.


At this treason I see no other solution than armed, open rebellion against this illegitimate government.

While you have been busy advancing the cause of a phony Homeland Security, Wall Street, the big banks, big auto, big medicine and a viciously murderous and aggressively land-grabbing Zionist colonial power in the Middle East, this impostor President has been busy debasing the moral fiber of the country's youth by waging a New Opium War upon the people of this nation.

You are acting as nothing less than Israel's whore when you call for war or sanctions against Iran, which to date has not violated the terms of the IAEA.

Get up off your knees. Wake up. Do your duty. Or resign your commission, because you are ineffective against these horrible crimes being committed in the name of the public weal.

Do your duty or wear the crown of the idiot you have become with your hair all done-up in some Washington DC beauty parlor.

You have every appearance of a rank fool.

Don Robertson 207-325-4205
34 Main Street #103
Limestone, Maine 04750


  1. I sent this email to Susan Collins.

    I hope each of you gets to your own Congressional leaders too, to let them know, we know what is going on, and we do not like it one bit.

    War is being waged against Americans at many different levels. And an all out drug war being waged against American kids by the government is just too insidious.


    Marijuana is easier to grow than crab grass.

    There is a hugely expensive pharmaceutical company investment behind this scheme. If it was possible for some bathtub chemist to do this, it would have been done in the 1970's.

    The private enterprise investment was justified because the government has teamed up with someone in the pharmaceutical industry who is working -quid pro quo- under an agreement that this vile abomination will be allowed to grow and fester into huge profits.

    This is the same thing that went on with Oxycontin and Perdue Pharma. Oxycontin is synthetic heroin.

    The government of Barack Obama is intentionally allowing private pharmaceutical companies to launch their own Opium Wars upon the youth of the nation.

    This is war. It is treason.

    Search "K2" and look at the sophistication of the packaging and the marketing of this new drug on the street.

    NO ONE in the public eye knows the real contents of this stuff.

    And the government has NOT said a peep.

    Selling these so-called cannabinoids could be stopped in a heartbeat, had government ANY intention to stop it.

    This is the government selling drugs to the kids of this nation. I am 100% sure of this.

    Bring these swine down. These same political swine will not be hesitant to add opiates to the contents of this new drug on the street.

    That is the surest route to guaranteed profit and complete control.

    The guy who wrote elsewhere, "I've smoked the stuff. The government isnt behind it. You people are dumbasses," is spot on for exactly what the government has intended to sweep the nation.

    It will be hugely popular, boosting government-organized crime profits and these economic numbers will be pointed to saying there is a recovery a-foot.

    Bullshit. This is nothing but a new Opium War being conducted against our own people by the
    swine in Washington D.C.

    Where the fuck is this stuff coming from? Who makes it?

    This is the road to the future enslavement of the country the government of Barack Obama is paving with the debasement of the youth of this nation.

    This is not grow your own pot. This is a sophisticated scheme to subvert the nation's youth and make them all drug addicts. The kids who are smoking this shit are smoking a government-approved concoction of ingredients.


    -Don Robertson

  2. "At this treason I see no other solution than armed, open rebellion against this illegitimate government."

    While I agree with you completely, I also believe that the above statement, if truly included in your letter, will not only open you up to personal scrutiny and persecution by this corrupt government, but I fear that it will also open up anyone who you associate with for the same reasons.

    Guilt by association is now practiced in this nation.

    I wish you luck, and when the tanks are in the streets to quell the citizen uprising, I will be there with you.

  3. This:

    "Marijuana is easier to grow than crab grass.

    There is a hugely expensive pharmaceutical company investment behind this scheme. If it was possible for some bathtub chemist to do this, it would have been done in the 1970's."

    ...is hard to argue with.

  4. Yes - guilt by association keeps everybody's heads down. Fuck it.

  5. I'd rather my kids smoke k2, pot or whatever than join the US military to kill and die to make rich vermin richer.

    Legalize all drugs, let the 'free' people decide if they want to use them or not. If people want to kill themselves with drugs then it's Darwin at work.

  6. I've used the argument, not my own original, but one I've adopted:
    "If drug X were made legal tomorrow - would YOU go out and buy some and use it?"

    There's your answer. Prohibition has never worked and will never work - for the people and the betterment of society that is.

    We need to take a more adult look at this made-for-TV movie called the "war on drugs." Which drugs? Heart medications? Be specific.

    I'm repeating myself here I know - but when you tell a kid "don't do drugs" and they later do them anyway and find out that smoking pot is sometimes helpful, perhaps they will think some of the other drugs, like heroin will be "sometimes helpful." But we are talking about two completely different animals here.

    A "glittering generality" is a sign of propaganda. Specifics are a sign of critical thought.

  7. Cosh here -
    I think a call to arms is ill conceived and counterproductive.
    Non-violence is a preferable stance. You take fewer casualties that way, and immediately seize the moral high ground.
    Adapt the Amish concept of Shunning. Non compliance as a tool. Set up alternate currencies. Set up, if you will, a shadow government. Where the police do not protect, set up a Watch. Where the schools do not educate, set up your own schools and make sure they teach what is useful to the kids as they join society as full fledged members. And so on. You get the idea...

  8. Well...... You have the government that you deserve!

  9. Cosh speaks with some force, as he cites morality, something we human can know about, -if it is patiently studied.

    Non-violence has some generic moral appeal. It appeals to our moral sense because this is the sort of world (a non-violent world) we would altruistically want to pass on to the future.

    Cosh misses the first tenet of philosophy however, that the reality that confronts us all -is infinitely complex-.

    We do not live in a non-violent reality.

    Our reality is literally wrought with violence.

    This violence coupled with the less culpable dangers that surround us in this infinitely complex reality -literally bring forth our disparate, personal, conscious realities.

    These things that bring forth fear are what our conscious memories focus upon -most cogently-.

    I am older than Senator Collins.

    I have written to her many times.

    Senator Collins knows who I am. She knows what I am talking about too.

    I want Senator Collins to REMEMBER exactly how violently my mind reacted to the discovery that our federal government has embarked upon an immoral social policy designed specifically to sell drugs to the kids.

    Motherfuckers, is the appropriate term, I believe.

    I want the whole notion -that what I see- is that a likely justifiable and morally proper use of violence has just arisen due to this and the repeated moral misconduct of those in political power.

    Studies of terrorism, real terrorism -not 9-11 inside jobs, or shape-shifting American-Israelis dressed-up as al Qaeda pledging, "Death to the Americans,"- REAL TERRORISM arises when a threshold percentage of the population at large expects terrorism to arise.

    I expect terrorism to arise.

    And I will strongly support it against these scum.

    This is what gave rise to the French Revolution, which was very violent.

    Morally, Cosh, all bureaucracies are categorically immoral.

    You need to talk down to everyone in a bureaucracy, -or they don't hear you.

    All bureaucracies are categorically immoral because bureaucracies are nearly immortal, like Greek Gods. They are just as corrupt and likely to harm those miniscule peons who exist below them and have the appearance and voices of ants.

    If you do not talk down in a bellowing voice, cracking near-insanity, and, foaming at the mouth like a mad dog to those who make these bureaucracies, you will not remind them of the likelihood of another French Revolution-like event that destroys bureaucracies wholesale.

    But if you want to be ignored, by all means become like some fat, near toothless, Amish twit who lives out his life in fear that his God will see through his vast cowardice or his horny aspirations.

    I do not expect to be ignored.

    If I am ignored, or someone pretends to ignore me, I will again remind them, the French Revolution was quite real.

    I will also remind them, Stalin killed many millions, -most of whom -were bureaucrats-.

    Don Robertson

  10. No, this "K2" thing isn't a government plot. It is the market's way of cashing in on a niche created by prohibition. The chemical itself ghw-018, or whatever, and it's ingredients are known, and much more freely available to find out about than those in corexit.
    Simply perusing cannabinoid, and synthetic cannabinoid research will lead you to a wealth of these compounds. Receptor biochemistry is a huge industry for pharmaceuticals. There are many more, and much more potent and shocking products that could be made, and are (or were) as legal as "K2."
    "K2" isn't just in the US, and the Russian problem with it seems to have been much worse than in the US - sold openly in thousands of small street kiosks everywhere.
    No, give me plain old, scientifically proven to be harmless, and beneficial marijuana, anyday.

  11. I wonder if rather than trying to legalize everything - if just marijuana were legalized we could at least start from there?

    That would shut this K2 shit down and eliminate pot from the discussion - and all the idiocy that goes with its prohibition.

    This is a minimal step.

    Cosh: I think you are talking sense - but I wonder if we are ignoring history - you know - the history of those who tried peace when dealing with any country intent on using force against them. Our own government claims the need to use violence every single day - even if civilians are killed - lots of them. It is all justified they say. Well isn't what is good for the goose good for the gander?

    Don: When you say something is "categorically" immoral - how does "immoral" differ from "categorically immoral?"


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