New government report raises questions about CT scans at Illinois hospitals

Read entire article HERE.

"The question is whether imaging procedures are being overused in Illinois, exposing people unnecessarily to potentially cancer-causing radiation. Although imaging tests help doctors make diagnoses and save lives, experts believe a significant number may be unwarranted.

The practice is potentially harmful; each double chest CT exposes patients to 700 times more radiation than a chest X-ray, while each double abdomen scan delivers 22 times more radiation. Recent research confirms a link between cancer and radiation exposure from diagnostic tests."
Note: Anything for a buck. Like anybody cares. Meanwhile the airports install radiation machines to hose the public down with a dose of radiation so they can look at their naked image. Where is the outrage in the medical sickness industry?

It is common knowledge in the medical profession that CTs dose you good with radiation. It doesn't take a genius to know that doing two scans hits you harder. Software upgrades are available to minimize the dose on some of these machines - without hardware upgrades - but very expensive - so the patient suffers if the hospital won't spring for the dose-minimizing upgrade if available.

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