Obama and Netanyahu both say talks of U.S.-Israeli rift are 'flat wrong'

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" Obama seemed irritated by a question from an Israeli reporter who asked whether the U.S. president was distancing himself from Israel.
“First of all, let me say that the premise of your question is wrong, and I entirely disagree with it,” said Obama, who invited reporters to look at “every public statement” that he and his aides have made since taking office and find one instance of a break or bend in the relationship.
“There aren’t any concrete policies that you could point to that could contradict that,” Obama said."
Note: I can only hope Obama is being shrewd - and has already given the orders to have the Israelis that shot the American kid on the Gaza peace ship killed by our military - after all - isn't that Obama's job and the job of our military - to protect the lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of each and every American citizen? And to make sure that those who murder American citizens are brought to justice?

Recently we've been told that the Obama administration asserts the right to kill American citizens without trial if they consider them a threat - yet when Israeli soldiers kill American citizens - there is no response except holding hands and singing Cumbaya with Netanyahu. We hear of the "unbreakable" bond between Israel and the United States.

If this is the best we can expect from our government when it comes to protecting the citizens of the United States of America - judging by their actions and not their words - one conclusion can be reached. We are completely on our own as citizens and cannot expect or count on our Federal government for protection in any way. In fact with each passing day they are looking more and more like the root cause of our problems.


  1. Don't fool yourself. These guys represent the biggest hoodlum gangs on the planet today.

    That's politics today. And that's why any altruist jackass arguing that it's possible to reform the system -is full of shit. You cannot reform these guys or any of the wanna-bees in politics today.

    The Jewish mob is running Wall Street and most of the American credit-based economy. The spoof-like stock market rally today, was their work, and, a show of force for Obama's appreciation.

    The stock markets are a total fraud. The economy is rigged from one end to the other. AND that's why the economy is so fucked.

    The average individual may be clueless, but, the where-with-alls are savvy to the vast criminal enterprise that is running the show. If they weren't savvy about it, they wouldn't be where-with-alls -because they would have lost all their marbles long ago.

    The Obama Chicago drug cartel is also very mean and nasty. They are responsible for the heroin around the world. Afghanistan is their prize right now. Cocaine-Columbia is a small side show. Unlike heroin, -people don't usually kill because they cannot find cocaine.

    The link just below is to a story about some small-time dirt-bag and thrice removed Obama gang underling who got lazy and bagged with the goods.


    Trust me. THAT heroin will be back out on the streets of Chicago in no time at all.

    Now that the cops have it, well folks, you're the assholes calling for the legalization of drugs, right?

    That's a license for the cops to scoot it out the back door to the very same mobsters who are good friends and backers of Mr. Scumbag -Barry Soetoro.

    Yes, folks, they are friends in high places, Barry Soetoro and Bebe Netanyahu.

    God bless America. God bless America and all the lying motherfuckers who run it like a brothel filled full of under-age whores.

    Oh! Wait a second. That's YOUR kids we're calling under-aged whores, isn't it.

    Well fuck. Give them some heroin and tie them to the bed-posts ass-up.

    God bless free enterprise and the market economy.

    Now, SHOW ME THE MONEY. Who's gonna be the lucky fella and go first with this sweet young thang?

    Fuck you, Obama, you lying fucking asshole.

  2. Cool. Tell it like it is.

  3. Prohibition is in place right now - look at the fucking place. What part of "it doesn't work and it doesn't help" don't you understand?

    If heroin is made legal tomorrow - are you going out to buy some?

    There are other people in the world that are like you - most of them - that don't want anything to do with heroin.

    Prohibition doesn't ever work. Better get over that.

    I agree with most of your other comments.


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