PetroDollar recycling, first Iraq, now Iran: 3 Videos to Consider

Why Iran?

How the dollar is connected to oil...and to the US military

...a short history of Iran for Americans

Ray McGovern has a great track record - and actually speaks of the moral issues. The other gentleman - I'm not sure. But a video worth watching...


  1. There is no government in Iraq, Iraq will never be SAFE, believe me folks Iraq will drag on for decades to come,we're going to make sure America never withdraw...plans are moving on target.
    Stendec reply basement Frq.

  2. It is my firm belief that America - for whatever reason - good or bad can turn any country on the planet into glass. So what?

    Given the above - there is no place right now that really represents a "threat" to us - since we can just launch the missiles. Maybe others can do the same but the American capability is there.

    This means all this crap about so-and-so is a threat etc... is bullshit - especially since our Federal government refuses to close the borders - the most efficient route for "terrorists" to enter mainland America.

    The whole war thing is a scam. Keep your mind open and consider why we are involved in these wars and make up your own mind.

    When the US Federal government "loses" a war - it is by choice.

  3. Commendable of you to try and highlight the almost infantile US foreign policy that has been formed around the stories of “goodies”, and “baddies” in line with the present and relentless saturation propaganda drive, which has been in the works starting from 1949 to date.

    However will you please knock off the condescending notions of “Iranians ….....” (“oppressive religious regime”, “what kind of people”, and other brain farts of some deluded Hollywood script writer about Iran, and Iranians).

    Fact is Iranians are the most free souls on the planet, not that bears any relevance, but for the benefit of you and your kind with addled mind that somehow associates “goodness” with “freedom”!


    It is true! Iranians enjoy more freedoms than any of their Western counterparts.

    Ask yourself, when was the last time you, or any of your kind tried to go out there in your “freedom world” to demonstrate, and or march or kick a few rubbish bins around, and or move in masses through various streets in your “freedom lands”? That is without getting approval and prior permission from umpteen authorities ranging from town halls to police?

    Point is Iranians did rise up (it is a man thing, you Yanks with all your guns, rifles, and bunkers, and survivalist clap trap would not understand it) and kicked out the free loading bunch of bastards whom verily believed Iran, and Iranians owed them a living.

    That is in contrast to the supine (inactive, passive, or inert, especially from indolence or indifference) “freedom” loving Yanks, whom have put up with supreme court selection of their president, and the plethora of Israel first “representatives” . Fact that US has been a country, “country-jacked” by a bunch of crooks since 1860 evidently has not yet dawned on the hamburger munching, beer guzzling lard arses whom verily believe they are a force for the good on this planet!!!?????

    Therefore, it would behove you well to lay off this condescending attitude regurgitating the usual unconscious drivel about Iran. Iranians did kick out the ne'er-do-wells posing as their leaders, and they are capable of repeating the same performance over and over again, unlike their “freedom” brand following counterparts in the West. Furthermore, All Iranians are in full knowledge of their president's, and or political appointees' itinerary weeks before, unlike their counter parts in the West, whom are left in ignorance about the activities of their political leaders, in absence of stringent security checks!

    Fact is Iran is not Iraq, Iran has functioning armed forces, which will tear a new one (butt hole) of any would be aggressor, fully aware and confident that every Iranian is ready to back up this claim with his or her life. Therefore do not count those few wet souls claiming to be Iranians paraded on the Foxaganda and JNN, whom are the remnants of grandmother selling carpet baggers kicked out of Iran, or hurriedly left the place during the uprising of the nation of Iran, and in no way representative of the truth.

    Hence, fact that a nation is fully aware of the machinations of her enemies, and is prepared to face off, and fight these enemies regardless of costs ought to be food for thought for those deluded tossers whom believe they could attack that nation and conquer their lands. The point is anyone can fight an army, but no one can fight a nation, and that is a the measure of the situation.

    A Proud Iranian.

  4. I'm glad you are "proud" I'm so impressed.

    I'm not into "kicking rubbish bins around" - there's an old saying - you of Persian descent may recall:

    "The pen is mightier than the sword."

    You may also consider that it is a bit hypocritical for you to spend time typing comments on a blog when you can be out kicking rubbish bins around.

    In America the conversation will go on - thanks to my assertion of my freedom of speech - the most American example of freedom - and the excercising by others of their freedom of speech and we will work our problems out.

    So thanks for your advice - but remember when it comes to advice:
    Fools don't heed it and wise men don't need it. Put that in your Persian pipe and smoke it.

  5. @Jack Rabbit

    "The pen is mightier than the sword."

    My foot!!!!!!!!!

    You dare to go out there and kick a rubbish bin, if you can, you pusillanimous deluded yank.

    "In America the conversation will go on"


    In America the only thing the goes on is the corruption, and exploitation, don't you come the high and mighty Yank, I know what you are, and I know who you are.

    As for your advice; you put that in your rifer and smoke it, and FYI I am an Iranian, and not a Persian.

    Lard arses the like of you make me puke.

    Proud Iranian.

  6. Well then go puke - but why are you attempting discussion when you should be out committing violent acts?

    Your contradictions are funny.

    I don't care if you "know who I am" because as an American I have the right to defend myself too! And since you are commenting from England - I know you don't have the weapons that we have here! So who has freedom of speech and who doesn't my good friend?

    As far as lard ass - obviously you really haven't met me.

  7. Wow, you know how to trace an IP, that is so spooky, Yank!!!!!!!! (alas you have no idea about proxies)

    "committing violent acts"???????????????????

    Put that rifer down, What are you on about?


    I dare you, you dare to go out there in your "freedom land",and try to demonstrate, and or arrange for a mass walk about, and or dare to kick a rubbish bin, yes a rubbish bin (how supine the yanks have become to consider kicking a rubbish bin as an act of violence) without having the relevant permission.

    Serfs the likes of you, do not know the meaning of the word "freedom", hence stick your advice where it is more appropriate; another Yank board, and furthermore, don't you start regurgitating the brain farts of some mercenary (Von Hayek) to me.

    "I know you don't have the weapons that we have here"

    For the record, I have the guts, and the balls that you, and your kind so woefully lack, no artificial construct can be a substitute for these, hence I have no need for the weapons that you seem to be so reliant upon: "I know you don't have the weapons that we have here"

    PS don't forget to leave the lights on when you go to sleep tonight!

    Proud Iranian

  8. Proud Iranian:
    "alas you have no idea about proxies"
    JR says: How do you know what I know or don't know. Illogical.

    I'm shakin' in my boots! I'll turn the lights off - no need to waste electricity.

    I intend to report you to the S.P.C.R.B for your violent tendencies.

    (That's the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rubbish Bins)

    I'm still amazed that you criticize me for exercising freedom of speech rather than going outside and kicking my "rubbish bin" around. I don't think the private trash company I pay would like that - plus it's my garbage - I'd have to pick it up. Also the neighbors would probably wonder what the hell I was outside kicking garbage around for - you don't seem to understand the layout of the land here.

    But you are here - expressing yourself - exercising your freedom of speech. And somehow you've targeted me as worthy of your vindictive - I'm not sure why.

    But I encourage you to continue - because only by engaging those you disagree with or hate the most will any progress by made - even if it happens to be a garbage can.


  9. Part I

    FFS lay off this “freedom” crap.

    Just what liberties have you taken, and published in your blog, that is so damn controversial, and cutting edge?

    Have you quantified and published the amounts that Tony Blair was bribed with, to take the Brits to Iraq war, all the while playing the “wise old England agrees too” card, to fool the Yanks, and validate the unconscious drivels of their “draft dodging, Cheer Leader, Alcoholic, and user of exotic substances, come Prezident of USA about Iraq”?

    Have you published the why, and what for, of Obama being so tense, crossing his legs, and clearly demonstrating signs of discomfort, whilst Netanyahu the psycho whose Psychiatrist was killed to keep his mouth shut, and stop him from spilling the beans on the Psycho patient of his, being so relaxed in the recent photo shoot in the White-house?

    So what is this constant drivel on about “freedom” of “speech”?

    The data that you are publishing on your blog is no different and no more than the stuff that is being passed as news, in public domain, ie sanctioned by the state, and Western Plutocrats. Therefore the more your harping on about the “freedom”, only further validates the extent of supine (inactive, passive, or inert, esp. from indolence or indifference) acquiescence (giving tacit assent; agreement or consent by silence or without objection; compliance) that you Yanks have come to accept and express as “freedoms”.

    Fact that you have been weaned on a diet of pure hot air, and fantasy does not somehow mean the rest of the world has been afflicted with the same disease too. Therefore the constant banging on the hollow drums of “Freedom” brand that you seem to be so hung up on, is evidently the only retort, and response to any given situation, from responding to any queries on the phony war on terror, to mindless killing sprees in Iraq, and Afghanistan, to lies spread about Iran, and Iranians.

    Therefore, it would serve you well to start unlearning the infantile sloganeering, so eloquently set out by George Orwell in his “1984”. Furthermore, then you can understand that US Army has not won a war in the last sixty years, not because it did not want to win the war, but fact that US Army could not win a war, based on the mundane principles of natural justice (now that is a confusing term for a yank).

    Finally, I am not being vindictive, however, showing my displeasure at your regurgitation of the standard narrative that is being passed as “fact” about Iran. Fact is Iranians are not in any way oppressed, the brave nation of Iran has not and will not tolerate bullying neither from domestic bullies, nor from foreign bullies, and Iranians have proved this point time and again. Fact that “Western Values” (whatever these may mean) are being hoved down the throats of the Western Constituents as the only viable alternative, somehow does not mean that the negative propaganda about Iran is in anyway near the truth.


  10. Part II

    Hence our current interaction. Fact that I have invited you to go out there, and kick a rubbish bin over, is to remind you that you live in a country that is using cops to restrain eight years old autistic children, and or its cops are using high voltage weapons to attempt to restrain old age pensioners, all the while US boasts to have the highest jail population on the planet, that is with the usual high degrees of deviant behaviours among these incarcerated bunch of guests in the cheapest hotels built, and owned by US “corporates”. Therefore the “freedom” to sit there and type away posting the sanctioned “facts” on this blog somehow is not much to be so pleased about.

    Finally be advised, Iranians enjoy much higher levels of freedom than their Western counterparts, not that should be of any relevance, but for the benefit of satiating the autism that afflicts the Westerners so demonstrably. Furthermore, Iranians hold their government much more on its toes and accountable, and hold their political leaders' accountable for their actions and loyalties, and none of the Iranians will tolerate any of their political appointees to serve a foreign nation, and or lobby on behalf of any foreign states, and or private entities, and corporates. That is in diametric contrast to the US political establishment that in the words of Pat. Buchanan is residing in the “other occupied territory”, with Israeli lobby feeling so confident as to send their pointed questionnaires to test the levels of loyalties towards Israel of the “peoples' representatives” busy selling “freedom” brand to the Yanks.

    Proud Iranian

  11. Angry Iranian asks:
    "Just what liberties have you taken, and published in your blog, that is so damn controversial, and cutting edge? "
    JR's Answer: None

    I see you paint "Yanks" with a broad brush - generalizations don't do much justice to the fact that all human beings are individuals - do you? What about Iranians who've become American citizens - and support your cause? Are they also "Yanks" or is that a term you reserve as some reserve the "N" word for black people?

    As far as Iran - a careful reader of my writing would understand that I don't want American intervention in any other nations - not military - and not my money. I am not interested in how others run their countries.

    Now that you've labeled me, mis-stated my stance on just about everything, and accused me of "negative propaganda about Iran" - I'm going outside to kick around my garbage can I'm paying for. I will then pick up all my garbage and put it back into the garbage can I'm paying for, say sorry to my foot, and wait for the world to be a better place than it would have been had I engaged in discussion via this awful blog.

    I'm afraid you have a skewed mental image of Americans thanks to your perceptions based on the actions of an out-of-control American government. I am not interested in changing your mind - I'm interested in changing the attitude here in my own country where it is my duty as citizen to do my part, no matter how small - to fix things so the future can be a better place. I have no time machine with which to travel into the past to undo what has happened.

    So thanks for commenting.

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