U.S., UK urge Iran halt stoning execution: As if Anyone Cares what they have to say!

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" The U.S. State Department said it was deeply troubled by reports of the proposed stoning execution, which it called "a form of legalized death by torture

Ha ha ha ha. What a bunch of hypocrites. I suggest the U.S. State Department shut their faces since the United States is guilty of TORTURE. No moral high ground here anymore. What right does a government that tortures and asserts the right to kill its own citizens have to criticize anyone?

The United States federal government has forfeited the moral high ground earned by generations of Americans going all the way back to George Washington - yet they continue to live in their delusional disconnected fake reality - that somehow the world hasn't noticed that they are a bunch of paid-off whores, liars, cheats, hypocrites, warmongers, murderers and torturers. And that this world will listen to the U.S. State Department as if they really had something to say that wasn't self-serving propaganda.

This government makes me sick. I wish they would stop embarrassing us taxpayers and just shut their pie-holes.

By the way - isn't it really odd - that Israeli soldiers killed an American citizen by shooting him four times in the head - with not a peep out of this government in protest - since Israel did it. Yet it's big news when the Iranians are going to stone someone to death. Don't get me wrong - this punishment from Iran is barbaric and disgusting to me. It really discredits that nation. It makes me wonder - what kind of people are the Iranians that they would actually stone someone to death for adultery - something that seems fashionable in Hollywood?

But looking inward - it also makes one wonder what the rest of the world thinks of us Americans - a democratic republic - that tortures, allows the murder of its own citizens, claims the right to murder its own citizens without trial, and killed its own people on September 11, 2001. What does the world think about Americans - who are proud to serve in uniform in a military that has engaged in two illegal wars of aggression, and continues them as occupiers - supporting the heroin trade - while claiming to fight a "war on drugs" at home? I'll bet the rest of the world thinks we need to shut up. I'll bet the rest of the world would be happy to see America get a taste of its own medicine - after all - applying the standards of those who preach gospel - what does "an eye for an eye" mean?

Perhaps I sound like a sanctimonious broken record - but then again - so does my government and it is my duty to speak out when I observe their disconnect with reality.

The U.S. government has discredited itself through its actions. For a while their words - propagated by a phony crony media of retired generals and sundry suck-ups was able to continue acting contrary to American values - but the media spell is wearing off. Their actions have become so obscene, so inexcusable that the best propaganda apparatus the world has ever known can no longer prop them up. Their days are numbered - their fall is ineluctable - only the "when" remains in question.

As we joe-six-packs join forces and sort out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are - things will slowly start to come around - as the deluded begin to realize that the party is over. But unless we all shout loud, act decisively and do our part - whatever that is - they will lapse back into their steady-state of "gimme gimme gimme more."

Remember - 911 is the crime that got us all into this mess - and we are going to have to face that as a country. It is ugly. The 911 truth movement and peace movement better come together or they will die together - divided and conquered.

Remember that we were lied into these wars of aggression and occupation. The citizens of ANY occupied country - America, Iraq, or Afghanistan not only have the right - they have the DUTY to overthrow their oppressors. As oppressors, we Americans have forfeited the most important aspect of any war - being justified and on the side of good. We are NOT.

Remember that serving ones country doesn't mean carrying an automatic rifle into someone else's country as is the popular depiction - serving one's country means fixing it when it is broken, kicking out bad government that no longer serves its purpose, and governing the governors. (as Thomas Jefferson said.)

It is time to put the flags down and turn the critical thinking skills up. It is time to support the troops by bringing them home rather than enabling nutcases sending them to die for undefinable goals and the opium trade. It is time to stop wasting our tax money on bullshit - and start fixing roads, bridges, and our infrastructure in general. It is time for solar power.

It is time for a revolution. I hope we can keep it peaceful - violence is a crap shoot. Turned out bad for the Romans in the long run when they killed Julius Caesar. But if our government claims the right to murder us - what are we supposed to do next - start walking into gas chambers?

I hope anyone reading this will take a look in the mirror and ask themselves "What am I getting out of all this?" The honest American will know the answer: Loss of liberty - loss of U.S. sovereignty. Loss of freedom of speech. Loss of right to bear arms. All for what? For nothing.

The deluded person will cling to their belief that somebody somewhere in the U.S. government cares about them - despite Katrina, despite the 911 murder of our own citizens, despite wars based on lies, despite a sold-out economy.

The deluded person will ignore the reality that the Federal Reserve is a scam - charging us to use our own money. The deluded person will say "support our troops" without finishing the sentence: "Occupying countries who's resources we covet."

We Americans better force OUR House of Representatives to get real - now. We Americans must DEMAND control over OUR airwaves that are supposed to serve US. We are approaching a point of no return. Don't ask me how I know this - I have no crystal ball - but I have studied history. Current events are lining us up for civil war, revolution, world war and depression combined. Yes - that's the severity as I see it - and I have to call it as I see it.

Get on the phone, get involved, attend meetings, get informed - and listen to everything you can. Open your mind and take on ideas that you have previously refused to listen to that you thought were "crazy." Just try it - listen to the end and reserve judgement until you have given the "crazy person" a chance to explain. You may be surprised how much truth lies in the fringes of our society - since the corporate monopolization of our media has pushed truth there.

To conclude and make a long story short: Torturers and murderers don't get to complain about torture and murder. It is as simple as that.


  1. "Torturers and murderers don't get to complain about torture and murder."

    Amen brother. The only thing, I'd add liars to that mix. Well past time for change.

  2. You've hit the nail on the head with this essay. This past 4th of July felt dead to me...first time it did that. I sense a gathering storm, that, not by choice, the time for talk is over, that people will soon be driven to action. One warning: for a long time there have been those who wouldn't listen, who wouldn't care, and in the time for action, these people will be a hindrance, even a danger, because they don't know what the truer state of affairs is. Leave them and join with people who care. Your life will depend on it.

  3. Jct: No matter that I disagree completely with executing people for tickling toutous, US and UK should stop their "predator droning" executions of complete innocents before we take them seriously on judicial ones.

  4. Hey Rivero,

    If you love Iran so much, why don't you move there?

  5. right on,

    US, Canada, Europe are hypocrites, all of them, the nerve of these countries to tell Iran what they should be doing

  6. This: Hey Rivero,

    If you love Iran so much, why don't you move there?

    ...is a perfect example of missing the point of open discussion in a free society - where the citizens have the right to criticize their government when it is engaged in wrongdoing.

    Nobody said that they "loved Iran" - so the commenter mis-states the viewpoint of the writer - me.

    And as far as addressing Rivero - he didn't write this article - I did.

    So go back to your job as apologist for torturers, murderers and liars if that is what you choose to defend. I don't subscribe to the "my country, torturerer or not is right no matter what" philosophy.

    So - this time - why not try engaging the the debate rather than parroting those tired bumper-sticker slogans?


  7. "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

    It's an old story isn't it?

  8. Taver said:

    " This past 4th of July felt dead to me...first time it did that."

    JR says: It kinda did to me too. I went to bed early. It didn't seem right celebrating for some reason this year to me either. The fourth was always my favorite holiday.

  9. That's right I support aggressive means of interrogation. That's all these people understand. They'll cut your throat without a second thought... just ask Daniel Pearl. Only a fool brings a knife to a gunfight. You think the freedoms you enjoy were achieved by sitting down and having tea with those who would harm you? Let someone in your family be taken hostage and we'll see how fast you change your stance on aggressive interrogation...

  10. Anon: Who are "these people?" Please be specific with your definition so the rest of us can identify "these people" as easily as can you.

    "Aggressive interrogation" is a euphemism for "cruel and unusual punishment." And in America you are supposed to be considered "innocent until proven guilty" and our system is designed to "protect the innocent."

    By the way - torture has been the number one recruitment device for the opposition to our armed forces.

    Finally - when you torture - expect YOUR soldiers to be tortured in captivity - so in essence you are GIVING THE GREEN LIGHT TO OUR OPPONENTS TO TORTURE OUR POWs.

    I thank you and they thank you.

  11. I got news for you... they, the Islamic Militants, will torture our soldiers regardless of how we act... you just don't get it do you? Last month the Taliban hung a 10 year old boy for suspected spying... we aren't dealing with rational people here... and these are the people you want to defend and protect?... very sad

  12. What is sad is that you are giving the green light for our enemies to torture our soldiers. That's very very sad.

    I said clearly in the article that I found the stoning in Iran discrediting to that nation - as I find torture here discrediting to our nation.

    Try to be a bit less emotional and actually look at the words written - you are mis-stating my point of view.

    This ignoring of the points made - is typical of the shills Cass Sunstein has hired to get into chat rooms and comment on blogs.

    I got news for you...they, the torturing Americans are wrecking what our country stands for. You, as an apologist for torturers (who are actually terrorists themselves) is disgusting.

    Truly un-American.

    Just think of our POWs who can now be justifiably tortured because of people like you. Just think of all the troops the enemy recruits when they hear we are torturing Muslims - and remember that you were the enemy's greatest recruiter.

    Now that's sad.

  13. They neither want nor need justification to torture (or cut off the heads of) our soldiers... like I said, they will do it anyway. And as soon as you, and those of similar point of view deal with reality, the better off we'll be. If the likes of you were running this country, my wife would be wearing a burka... for that, I am so glad that you are fringe (nutty) minority.

  14. Thanks - so is it correct for me to see that you wouldn't torture an animal since it cannot speak so would not be able to confess but you WOULD torture a human being?

    What does that tell us about you?

    You sound like a shill because you have not addressed my arguments - like torturing enemy creates more enemies.

    Your logic is a bit odd - you wish to torture and main people in order to stop people who torture and maim. Seems like circular logic.

    "Reality" is also debatable. Especially yours - where you are the best recruiter for enemy combatants. That's straight from our interrogators - not from me. That is "reality."

    So do you also agree with torturing animals or only human beings?


  15. By the way - when you occupy somebody else's country uninvited - don't ask for mercy.

    We are the occupiers. Good luck escaping that reality.

    Lemme guess - if the people you despise so much occupied your country - would you greet them with Roses?


  16. Anonymous,

    Wow! Where do I start? You are so far from the learning curve...look, I tell you what...start from the beginning.

    Go do a search on 9-11. Then branch off from there and follow the rabbit. I'll have to warn you, the hole is deep but when you come out of said hole, you will come out awakened into a separate reality. The truth will indeed set you free but be warned, it is also a heavy burden and then you will understand why we sigh in frustration when we see you posting from your false paradigm position. Be encouraged, however, as we were all once where you are now.

  17. Thanks Henry:

    " Be encouraged, however, as we were all once where you are now."

    JR says: Those are true words - especially in my case.


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