Video: Can Burning Enron and WorldCom Files Melt WTC7 Steel?

I couldn't help the sarcastic title - I blame it on a bit of grim humor I sensed in the video - you'll see - but the documents are, after all, an important part of the experiment. But if one is to accept the official explanations fed to the public to explain the events of September 11, 2001 in general - and WTC7 specifically - reliance on the absurd is a prerequisite. The experiment documented in the excellent video below provides yet another grass-roots forged nail for the coffin of the Federal Fairy Tale built on a foundation of fraud.

What can explain how a one-inch-thick column found in the WTC7 rubble was reduced to 1/2 inch thickness with gaping holes, curled like a paper scroll, thinned to almost razor sharpness with a "swiss cheese" appearance? A highly unusual event - called by the New York Times "perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation."

The video below shows an experiment designed to test the official hypothesis attempting to explain the source of the sulphur that would be required to lower the melting point of this steel - thereby enabling such corrosion. The official hypothesis: That the source of the sulphur was from normal building materials found in the rubble. Finally the hypothesis is tested experimentally.

Watch for yourself -

...another odd thing is that WTC7 responded to a decision to "pullit" and collapsed on cue. Pretty smart building for one never hit by an airplane huh?

If it looks like a controlled demolition, collapses like a controlled demolition, and leaves a mountain of evidence like a controlled demolition - then ...?


  1. Even if Israel ashkenazies bombed the whole senaie and congress--they would get away with it Scott Free and if millions upon millions of Americans died of an secobdary Israel attack on Americans these stooge politicians will blame it on the Iranians--bad part living still Americans will fall for it.

  2. A proper investigation would determine responsibility. One thing we know for sure - we've been lied to.

    "Who benefits ?" is certainly a test for where to look - and Israel has certainly not shown the world that they value human life above getting their way - as is evident in the Gaza ship murder of the 19 year old American which didn't appear in US news - shot four times in the head by Israelis.

    So given their record - yes they are on the top of my list. But it couldn;t have been done without US govt traitors - and insiders in NY allowing access to the building and cleanup. So "Jews" is not accurate - there are "Jews" who had nothing to do with it.

    Criminal investigation means investigate to find criminals - not hang everybody you don't like.

  3. Jack- I like your work, here's a hot tip:


  4. The first on-camera "eyewitnesses" were cartoon figures.


  5. maybe it is time to huddle together in prayer and thank our warrior Presidents for their leadership - making the War of Terror and Freedom so necessary. Let us help support more military investment and expansion for the purpose of Peace. We can only hope this war to be even half as successful as the War on Drugs.
    Let us leave our petty differences aside and move forward.

  6. Ha ha - nothing wrong with having a sense of humour I suppose...


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