$5.7 million in cocaine, marijuana seized

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" Gonzalez-Nieto is not a U.S. citizen, and police did not know how long he has been in the United States.

Drug traffickers usually transport a load of drugs as large as the stash found in Gonzalez-Nieto's home in a semitrailer truck or a moving van, Roti said.
Note: But no mention of WHY the drugs are worth so much money? You know, like the fact that there is a huge black market due to the "war on drugs?"

Also - with the phone monitoring, email monitoring, spying, drones, all this police-state expenditure on toys for the cops that they would have been able to catch an illegal and a truck full of drugs. But no - we read these news reports as if the cops, without a snitch would have found this pile of drugs in the first place.

The so-called "War on Drugs" is a fraud, and the police, with all our money, have failed to stop it. In fact it has only grown.

I haven't mentioned our government's role in ensuring banner crops of opium in Afghanistan, which had been eradicated by the Taliban, after the invasion after 911 - a false flag attack.

I guess Americans will have to starve before they demand an end to this made-for-TV myth called the "war on drugs" and the "war on horror."

Look at this as an example of our tax dollars at work: Nearly 185,000 homicides since 1980 remain unsolved

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