90% of this image -isn't even Obama

This image of Obama is stunningly PhotoShopped Clip Art. 90% of the image -isn't even Obama.


Imagine the cynical nature of politics today that such an image is being bandied about the Internet and on news stands all across the country, when this is not even the skinny, drug-addicted, political failure his CIA handlers -are trying to resurrect.

CHANGE! PRESTO CHANGE-O And suddenly we have a new Obama. I don't think so.

We got -CHANGE- alright. This isn't even Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro. This is Clip Art, PhotoShopped to impress the fantasies of the Ladies.

So, ladies, all you stupid fat chicks who voted for this clown, COOOL DOWN.

This guy is so damned skinny from drug addiction and chain-smoking, he'd scare you if you saw him naked with his long tumorous dick hanging down -looking for all the world like his large intestine had ruptured and was hanging a foot-and-a-half out his ass.

God, Ladies, that's why he walks with such a funny gate -as all that.


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  1. Where is the photo? I don't see a link

  2. Here's the link-


  3. Here he is again-


  4. And here's the REAL skinny Obama -with one of his many CIA handlers.


  5. Caution! The previous image is pretty disturbing and may not be appropriate for all viewers.

  6. Sure it opens TinyUrl. You have to remove the blank space at the end of the link that somehow gets inserted, otherwise is gets lost.

  7. Thanks for the link JR.. Say hi to Don for me...

  8. Hey richard! Thanks for stopping by. Always great hearing from some friendlies.

    I will pass along your hello to Don ...

  9. Here's the latest on the Obama PhotoShopping spin from the New York Times -TODAY.

    "But Mr. Obama faced a presidential dilemma: whether to go swimming. To stay out of the water would have suggested it was unsafe, undercutting the message of his trip. To take the plunge might have resulted in photographs of him shirtless, causing a controversy like the one that dogged him in 2008 after he went bodysurfing in Hawaii.

    The White House solved the problem by allowing only its own photographer to take pictures of the president swimming. The photo it released showed Mr. Obama enjoying the surf — from the neck up."


    Yeh, sure. The White House's own photographer and ONLY -from the neck up. All the junkies I ever knew, were big into bodysurfing! Smack and bodysurfing, -they go together. LOL.

    That last picture in the maroon trunks was the same way. And only one picture ever surfaced.

    Can anyone imagine just one picture with the Obama-photographical-opportunity of-a-lifetime staring a photographer in the face?

    It didn't happen.

    Either someone is lying, or I'm Marilyn Monroe in the buff.

    -Happy Birthday, Mister President!-

    Folks, face it -it wouldn't Presidential to show an emaciated Junkie-in-Chief with tracks (from shooting Afghani heroin) running up and down the inside of his thighs -would it?


  10. Hi, Richard.

    Michael is sounding better on the radio -every day, eh? He's gaining in cogency by leaps and bounds. It's scary, in a way.

    Good for him though. And good for you too, Richard, for starting your own blog.

    Now, start telling everyone, the truth, that if they don't shoot the bastards dead, every last one of them, the bastards are going to come and get them in their sleep soon enough.

    The next step in this ongoing nightmare is going to be the American Stalin.


  11. Look at this skinny junkie.


    Obama could wear a wristwatch on his thighs -he is so skinny. LOOK AT THE PICTURE.

    It came from here:


    THE MAN, (the liar from Kenya) IS A J-U-N-K-I-E FROM CHICAGO!


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