Afghanistan: Germany to Pay $500,000 for Civilian Bombing Victims

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" Almost a year after the devastating bombing of two tanker trucks hijacked by the Taliban near Kunduz in northern Afghanistan, the German military has found a way to compensate the relatives of civilian victims. During multiple discussions in recent weeks, almost all of the 102 families identified by the German armed forces, the Bundeswehr, agreed to accept a one-off payment of $5,000 (€3,800). The money will be paid into accounts with the Kabul Bank, in an attempt to stop the Taliban from seizing the money from the families. "
Note: "...in an attempt to stop the Taliban from ..." How can one interpret this? May I guess? The "Taliban" has leverage - that means the Germans better fucking pay up or else - so they are. Or else what? Pure speculation - but it doesn't matter. Leverage is leverage - and the Germans are paying up. So...are we really "beating" the Taliban? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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