Illinois man sentenced for threatening Sen. Collins, staffer

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" “I’ve accepted my bipolar diagnosis, and I’m getting treatment,” he said. "
Note: Yeah - that's it - he's "crazy." At least he didn't actually do it. What I find surprising about this story is that it actually appeared in the media. I have a feeling that this is just one of many similar cases. People are fed up and the party in government continues.

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  1. I understand completely -why someone would threaten Senator Collins. Collins is a political hack from the old school. Her father was a long-time political hack in Maine politics.

    "Hypocrisy" according to the ethics of such a political hack as is Collins, is the life's blood of politics.

    That's what she sees her job as requiring, selling her vote to the highest bidder to ensure Maine's few, small, shitty, political boondoggle industries don't get closed down with the swipe of the legislative pen.

    But the world is bigger than the common, wormy and warty little political whores -the likes of Senator Susan Collins.

    Senator Susan's staffers must gag at all they see -knowing there is a much bigger, and far richer world out there than exists in the mind of some "fairy dust" little girl from Caribou - Maine, -who grew up all cute and daddy's little girl, who went off to college in Boston while her brothers stayed home and got into all kinds of typical trouble. Susan Collins is a little girl who came back from those Boston school-days, stunned, far worse than when she left, and far less educated about the positive-possibilities for this infinitely complex world.

    In Boston, the blinders were fastened to the thick Irish skull of the soon-to-be Senator Susan.

    She learned the lessons well, that she should go along with the vile crowd, flying below the radar, and someday, she'll rise to the top of the hot-tub political-froth -just like so much semen in one of Jack Kerouac's stupid Bohemian-era novels.

    But what everyone with any worldliness knows, is that -someone like Rod Blagojevich has far more chance at positively effecting this world than does any political hack -the likes of Senator Susan.

    There are real politicians in this world, and there are hacks. It's the hacks who should be hung, not the Saddam Husseins of this world.

    I liked Saddam. He had the potential to make something of Iraq in his more aged years as a Mesopotamian tyrant.

    Everyone knows, things were better in Saddam's Iraq than they are under the insidious reign of WHAT all the political hacks in Washington D.C. have made of the place in a decade-plus of war sanctioned by so many assholes like Senator Susan.

    Senator Susan is great friends with Joe Lieberman the Zionist scumbag. Hey -money is money, and political power is political power, right, Senator Susan? If the devil wants you to walk his dog, GRAB for the leash, right?

    Hanging Hussein was like the idea of hanging Fidel Castro. What the fuck would be the sense of that? Fidel is a god-damned political hero for standing up to the U.S. -for fifty years.

    Don't believe it?

    Compare Cuba to Haiti, -or Jamaica.

    Go fuck yourself, Susan Collins.

    You're not fit to fetch a clean pair of underwear for a politician like Rod Blagojevich after he's soiled himself because he just found out the fagot federal prosecutor Lil-Pisser Patrick Fitzgerald has Rod on tape describing the murderous, killer Obama as a two bit CIA-man and a longtime heroin dealer from Chicago.

    Skinny? Obama could wear a ladies Elgin wristwatch around his thigh. Heroin does that to a guy.

    I don't think Blagojevich killed anyone.

    Obama has never stopped killing people.

    And Senator Susan has made a career out of voting for legislation that has killed scores of millions.



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