Palestinian? Where are you?

I am not a religious person. I am an American patriot. I am interested in liberty for all under an American Republic.

If you are an Israeli-firster - meaning you are willing to support Israeli actions regardless of the consequences for America - then you needn't read another word. Just tune into any "mainstream" dying TV or radio show - you can hear more self-affirmation there.

A police-detective friend of mine once told me "there are two sides to every story." If you are interested in justice - if you are interested in hearing the "other side of the story" - please tune in to Michael Rivero's "What Really Happened" radio show. Click the image icon at the top of this post. Podcasts are available.

Is Mike perfect? Is Mike the be-all end-all? Really. What I will attest to is a forum for dissent - for differing opinions - a chance for the "other side of the story" to be heard. In other words: YOUR voice. Try that on mainstream media.

Those interested in justice for the Palestinian cause would be wise to notice who the lone voices are here in America - disinterested voices - secular voices - voices only interested in assuring a republic "of the people, by the people, for the people" without favor toward ANY religion. Yours, theirs, mine, or anybody's.

Is it not true that we appreciate most what we had - once it is gone?

The voices for liberty have their limits - with regards to time, money, and energy. Like any system - entropy will bring the machine to a halt without fresh input of energy.

Freedom is not free. Not even close.

Oh - there's another option - wait for Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Neil Boortz, Wolf Blitzer, Rush Limbaugh - the list goes on. Wait for them to represent the sane members of your cause.

...and wait - and wait - and wait.

Where are the sane Muslim voices of reason in America? AWOL.


  1. "Where are the sane Muslim voices of reason in America?"

    LOL. There are no sane Muslim voices. There are no sane Christian voices. There are no sane Jewish voices. There are no sane Buddhist voices.

    There are no sane humanitarian voices.

    There are no sane Libertarian voices.

    There are no sane Democratic voices.

    There are no sane Republican voices.

    There are no sane voices. We are all deluded.

    These groups-of-the-deluded band themselves together like writhing snakes mating, -all trying to make for a better world for each other.

    A better world would require an uninhabited continent, -where not so many deluded groups of morons were already preaching their god-damned gospel about this or that.

    I just finished reading the philosophical justifications for non-violent civil-disobedience.

    Those who think there is such a justification are selling the poisonous snake-oil of delay-delay-delay.

    Keep your head in that bucket of shit.

    Life is short. Generations of Americans have lived-out their non-violent civil-disobedient lives without seeing revolution. We as a people have grown inexperienced with securing freedom and taking-out the vile villains of bureaucracy who always arise to oppress and enslave the masses, -the idiot and incompetent masses.

    Today these villains are expert liars.

    The legions of liars who man the endless bureaucracies -ensnare every life.

    The devices of oppression are powerful, and they are called, "intelligence" and "cultural", "proper" and "good", "modern" and "Western".

    Jesus-fucking-Christ people are dumb. What's in a word?

    The media tools and strategies confound and placate almost all, -for all would proclaim themselves patriots.

    Are these non-violent civil-disobedient human-tools -patriots-, or are they dupes?

    Fidel Castro was a revolutionary. If you read about Castro to discover the kind of man he was; you will quickly realize, Fidel was hot with revolution.

    And if you breathe in the fiery-scent of this man, you will realize -he was not playing any part history or fate brought to his door.

    Castro was possessed by revolution. And he would either have it, or die like Che Guevara -trying.

    Nothing else mattered to Castro, or Mao, or Joe Warren who died, -assassinated- at the outset of his revolution in 1775.

    Castro did not die. No. He killed many.

    He repeatedly road down from the hills and harried and killed the oppressors who manned the filthy Cuban bureaucracies.



    For if you fear dying, the oppression will only turn harder like the screw of a tightening vice, until some other patriot throws down the gauntlet -and proclaims himself FOR REVOLUTION -OR DEATH TRYING!

    Arise -army of the revolution. Arise NOW like the Phoenix of life and liberty.

    Slit their throats and burn down their homes while they sleep.

    Life is good.

    Cleanse the land from sea to sea -so it is like a new continent, -uninhabited by these blood-sucking bureaucratic vipers.

  2. yes...where are the muslims, and specifically those palestinians that have sought refuge here in the US over the years? Well there probably is a good answer to that question. My guess would be INTIMIDATION. Have you ever been intimidated by government officials whether it be a military force, the US justice system, US marshals, city police...well if you answer NO, then you probably really do not understand the true definition of INTIMIDATION. And you'll go on wondering why certain demographics do not speak out in our "free" country. The country that breeds and feeds on violence, genocide and torture.

    Perhaps you should just ask that question next time you are looking in the mirror dear sir.

  3. Yes! The U.S. military trains many to kill without all that silly remorse.

    Thou shalt not kill, my ass! Kill the bastards!

    When the soldier-boys finally do come home, they are turned into blue-uniformed policemen, -all dressed-up as if they were all going to play their part singing in the gay band, The Village People... Y-M-C-A you fucking fagot patriots.

    If you soldier boys don't want to turn into the fat fucking cop on the beat, the one who dies at 50 because he's given up the spirit of life long before that, THEN GO REVOLUTIONARY.

    Ex-soldiers, like ex-cons, know what the real problem is.

    It's the god-damned bureaucracies.

    Cleanse the land.

    Or die like the fat, wheezing, flat-footed, 320 pound dogs you see on every street corner, dressed in the blue of self-defeat, and humiliation, -BOYS!

    You know who and what the trouble is.

  4. All of you make valid arguments,but I really like the thoughts of Anon @10;27 p.m. He/She is correct in that the revolution has no religion, for it is the religion. The revolution is a new beginning without the constrains of ancient dogma. Viva la Revolution!

  5. By the way, Brothers and sisters, I meant to include a heart felt "Peace be with you".

  6. A locust branch should be laid hard and repeatedly across your back, Swampfox, you damned traitor.

    Shuffle on off back into your cave and await your next meal of bureaucratic gruel.

    Do not come out of your cave, until the "all clear" whistle blows that you are dead.

    I bet you voted for "CHANGE", eh sucker?

  7. The source of the problem IS religion. Judaism spawned Christianity and ultimately Islam. But Judaism is a religion founded upon a collection of myths, fiction, fantasy, falsehood and lie with only a small smattering of actual history.
    The old Testament is about as truthful historically as Peter Rabbit - YET, millions still base their radical, fantastic, unprovable and unfounded expectations on this book of fable - on the assumption of a "chosen people"; an idea of pure self aggrandizing and egoism.

    And unless and until this book of fable and lie is exposed and all it's 'followers are brought to the truth, nothing will change in the world.

    By Way Of Deception is the motto of the Israeli Mossad - it's the motto of Judaim and Christianity as well. Deception is the MO of religions of the world.

    Jimmy Hendricks once wisely noted: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

  8. A Palestinian family owns a small cafe near me.

    They get semiannual visits from the fbi, and every few months, an israeli comes in, talks a lot about "peace" and then tries to sell them something illegal (slot machines, ecstasy).

  9. The illusion is that we are civilized.

    LOL. That just bullshit.

    Just take the government's advice about this thing they call "war" as if THAT WORD makes it something different; take their solemn advice and just shoot the mutherfuckers, -all of them.

    Don't even bother asking questions later.

    If someone came to me trying to sell slot machines or ecstacy, I'd take a baseball bat to them right their on the premises.



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