WTF: Stalin statue…in Virginia?

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" This is why residents of the town Bedford, Virginia were appalled when a bust statue of Stalin was installed in the new D-Day memorial. "
Another tidbit:
"... in 1937 Stalin decided to liquidate the entire leadership of the Ukrainian Soviet government and the CPU. […] By June 1938 the top seventeen ministers of the Ukrainian Soviet government were arrested and executed. The prime minister, Liubchenko, committed suicide. Almost the entire Central Committee and Politburo of Ukraine perished. An estimated 37% of the Communist party members in Ukraine - about 170,000 people - were purged. "

Stalin. A statue of Stalin in Virginia. Bad sign.

I heard about this on one of the flunkie AM stations here in Charlottesville, Virginia where the concept was presented to the wide-eyed masses in a positive light. You see - Stalin, although only taking second place after Mao for mass-murderer ribbon status - was actually a good guy.

You see, the Russians took big hits regarding human losses in WW2 that we need to be thankful for. Yeah - that's what they were saying. And Stalin was the leader to which we owe gratitude that made the defeat of Hitler possible. I didn't hear any mention of the wasteful "cold war" following the end of WW2 and all the time, lives, money and opportunity costs wasted.

Bullshit. Stalin killed off his officer corp before they tried to take over Finland - and suffered heavy casualties because they - well - had no officers.

Then when Hitler attacked them anyway - that is - despite their sharing of Poland - the Russians still took heavy casualties thanks to the decapitated Russian military the wonderful Stalin had purged. He sent soldiers into battle without weapons - after all - what do they need weapons for when they can simply take them off the human waves of corpses that were sent ahead of them to their slaughter as they faced the German meatgrinder?

Stalin is a disgrace. No statue of this sick twisted paranoid dictator murderer has any place in my state or my country.

But then again - is it really my country anymore?

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  1. If "Joe-Bob" Stalin had quoted the Bible while he massacred millions I'm sure he'd be a big hit in certain Virginia locales.

  2. instead of the talmud you mean?




    Cannibal Rabbi.

  3. Excellent analysis on Stalin's war "successes."

    Btw, have you ever heard of Lazar Kaganovich or Genrikh Yagoda? Most Americans never have.

  4. I have not heard of the individuals mentioned - but thank you for the lead - I will study.


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