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BrU wonders:

Are we no more than laboratory rats programmed to behave according to a script written by those who see us as animals, whose only purpose is to be saddled and ridden according to their wishes.
Are we no more than slaves to our own desire for perceived safety , materialism and deceiving comfort?

...here's some musings...

Many are for sure. It may boil down to the simple terrible fact that "propaganda works very very well."

We are immersed in a situation of almost total propaganda - a system so complete that without a keen interest in the specifics, a burning desire to know not only what is going on - but why it is going on. History must be understood. Additionally one must have the means available in terms of time, and resources to perform the work needed to become knowledgeable enough to see through the propaganda. Oh - I forgot that it is important to study propaganda too.

So in terms of citizens and voters - most don't get to a place where they can see the big picture - whether it is their fault due to laziness, lack of resources, or just interested in other things. Regardless - the public remains ignorant as they are unsuspectingly drowned in the total propaganda swamp in which almost everything influencing them keeps them mired. The swamp needs to be drained.


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