Clueless Noam Chomsky: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal "Profound Hatred for Democracy on the Part of Our Political Leadership"

Read the rest here: Chomsky on Democracy Now

" What this reveals is the profound hatred for democracy on the part of our political leadership."


Note:  Democracy Now?  How about NEVER! Most Americans are unaware that we live in a Constitutional Republic - not a democracy - and that democracy leads to "the tyranny of the masses."

Apparently Chomsky doesn't understand that Americans SHOULD HATE DEMOCRACY.  But what do you expect from a guy who, when asked about the truth behind 911 and who murdered president JFK replied:  "Who cares?"

I CARE:  THAT'S WHO CARES!  The question is:  Why doesn't he?  Unless the truth conflicts with his own motives...  

Chomsky, and those repeating the lie that we live in a democracy, should live in a democracy etc... are feeding dangerous propaganda to a public that should instead be educated more about the blessings of the Republic they inherited.

The famous story of someone asking Ben Franklin, as he came away from the Constitutional debate what kind of government we Americans now had he replied "A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT."  He DID NOT reply "a democracy if you can keep it."

We do not pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the democracy for which it stands.  It is to the Republic to which it stands.

Chomsky and the clowns like him pushing the fallacy of democracy are enemies of the republic - whether their lies are intentional or not.  They hold authoritative positions which lead the unaware astray - down the road to hell paved with or without their good intentions.

What kind of friend does that?

Extra Credit:  Watch this video antidote so you can protect yourself from propaganda:
The Dangerous Servant

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