Do we need big government?

"Yes there are draw backs to a smaller government, nothing is perfect. But Big Government creates the problems and the solution is always more control for our own good. This argument was made in George Washingtons day aswell. Franklin, Jefferson and Washington were not buying it and neither am I.
I will not trade my freedom for “security”. I will not sit down and shut up.
Some say “whats the difference I can’t change anything”. I say you can do more than you think but even if its futile at least you did your part. At least you did your duty. 
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  1. Mr. Jack Rabbit.. I heard you on the show tonight.. I guess I will have to call in soon...

    Good for You... It takes guts..

  2. Errr... One more thing... Five posts on the Home page will get you 100K per month on the stats.

    That's what I do.. I am going to start writing original articles like you do, and mix them in with the other other news articles that I post...

    I wish you could have spoken longer on today's show..

  3. Hi poorrichard - I'm sorry I couldn't get back for the show today - I had to go to an auction to be robbed by my bank of a property I've owned for nineteen years. The other rental we had was foreclosed on last week. Today I had to go take the second hit.

    I intend to call the show to finish the discussion. I should've called in earlier. I don't think I have any more guts than anyone else - although I appreciate your kind words -

    Please do call the show when you get time. I don't know what you mean by five posts on the home page - i'm a bit slow in some departments - can you elaborate? I have an email at jacks21rabbit@yahoo.com if you ever want to drop me a line.

    It's always great hearing from you.


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  5. Thanks for linking to my blog bro!
    I noticed you have a link to "Don't Tread On Me; rise of the republic". I make a cameo appearance in that film at around 36min in.

    Keep up the good work!


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