Egypt unearths statue of Tut's grandfather

"The pharaoh's temple was largely destroyed, possibly by floods, and little remains of its walls."

Note:  Amazing that architects that built the pyramids - the only thing we know time fears - couldn't anticipate that a temple would be destroyed by a flood.  Is it possible to be smart and stupid - regarding the same discipline - at the same time?

Sphynxian  history needs a facelift.

Check this out - where ole' Zahi Hawass maintains that he, a professional know-it-all - is beyond question. He says to us: "How can you question us "Egyptologists - we already have ALL THE ANSWERS - those questioning us must be discredited via ad Hominem and other illogical attacks."

Disclose.tv - The Mystery of the Sphinx Pt.1/5 Video

THIS PART HAS GOOD GRAPHICS DEMO'ING WIND VS WATER EROSION: PROBLEM - if two statues/whatever are carved out of the same rock formed by mother nature - and one only shows wind erosion while the other shows wind+water erosion - is it logical to ask: "Gee Whiz - maybe this one statue has been here to experience water erosion while the other has not. Meaning - it is OLDER."
Don't ask the Egyptologists in Egypt - they have a tourist industry to maintain. But wait - wouldn't this news increase tourism? Yes it would. But it might decrease their standing since they cannot admit being wrong. Another seemingly bad idea - being wrong. But all humans make mistakes right? No - not Zahi Hawass - he's different so anyone questioning this jackwagon is "nuts" etc... (add ad hom attack of your choice.)

Folks we don't know much of our history. It really is time to get the politics out of history.

Disclose.tv - The Mystery of the Sphinx Pt.2/5 Video

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