FCC’s ‘Net neutrality’ plan would permit super-tiers, network traffic throttling

"Major corporations have long sought a way to charge and earn more for bandwidth, ever sinceEnron attempted to create a bandwidth trading market where space in data pipes would be traded as a commodity like oil or gold."
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Note:  Obviously the crooks running this scam on the public know the internet is wising people up by the millions - and the awareness is accelerating.  It is important for them, in order to retain their power over the flow of information - that is - their ability to continue to conceal the truth from the public - it is important for them to deny equal status to those of us without the funds to compete with the corporate media.  This will cause even bigger problems as the public will finally have to resort to talking to each other using their ears and mouths.  Then the reality will really sink in and organization will begin for real spelling the end for the crooks.  This will backfire - I hope they do it.

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