Video: Police Brutality Meets Democracy

Is this how unfluoridated people react to police brutality?  

Americans brag a lot about being "free" and "brave" - but American cops seem to be tasering and gunning away at the cowering herd here like a free-fire zone without worry.   It wasn't too long ago that people in California watched a transit cop shoot a guy in the back, killing him, and they just stood there like good little obedient debt-slaves.  The cop got away with involuntary manslaughter.  The crying family was on the news for a minute - and the same thing happened somewhere else in America the next day.  

Maybe Americans don't react like actual homo sapiens because not only are they drugged, but they know officer friendly is ready to draw, ready to shoot - and will not hesitate to do so.  Shot placement matters more than justification - since the courts will make sure it's all covered up and explained away later.

This video is a useful example of how human beings react to brutality - and may help some numb minds back from comaville. 

UPDATE DECEMBER 31, 2010 - VIDEO: HERE'S ONE FROM AMERICA - I saw comments on other blogs mentioning that the perps in the vid above are renta-cops, not "real" cops - so here's one from America of a "real" cop dishing out some cowboy style "justice." This takes place in Seattle if I remember correctly - and the story is tragic. For a link to the story - go to blog post on Am.Jrny called Snooping on email: Felony for father?
BONUS VIDEO: Bear with the commercial, click here for link to story, Cop riddles Citizen for......

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