Texas board probing psychologist's work for CIA

""Based on the public record as we know it, James Mitchell has forfeited his right to be a licensed psychologist in Texas, and we expect that the board will see it the same way," said Joseph Margulies, Abu Zubaydah's civilian lawyer.
Dicky Grigg, an Austin attorney whose name also appears on the complaint, said he believes the only thing that will be in dispute is whether the board will accept an explanation that Mitchell acted in the name of national security."
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Note:  Torturing people is, in itself, a threat to the security of everyone in this country since it is a recruiting tool for "enemies" - real or imagined - existing or created by the torture.  Don't forget that this "mental health professional" has also given the green light for our POWs to be tortured, since we no longer have the moral authority to complain if our guys are tortured.  Throw this bum in jail at the very least.

It's about time something is being done in the self-policing department of the medical community.  Better step up the pace before the violent revolutionaries outpace the slow legal system that never seems to hold anybody accountable.

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