We Need Peaceful Change - I know...

The torture, wars, and killing are getting to me.

I don't see enough people speaking out.

I really don't want to see harm come to anybody - and sometimes express anger on this blog.

Wishing the devil will harm people is really ugly.

Sorry folks.  I get a little crazy once in a while.

Anyway - please - if you are not involved in stopping the torture, wars, killing, and stripping of our unalienable rights - or are participating in the stripping of our rights - think about what you are doing or not doing and get on the right side of this thing now.

Our Constitution/Bill of Rights are in peril.  What to do?

Anyway - I hope readers will understand my rage once in a while and realize that I know that more harm won't do anybody any good.

It would all be so easy if I didn't love this country so much...

We all have to obey our own laws - that starts with the law of the land and it needs to apply to EVERYBODY.

There is no other flag - other than the Constitution itself to rally around if we are to come together as a nation for now.  I don't know anybody that wants their Constitutional rights taken,

I want the torture, wars and killing to stop.

I just wish it would be sooner rather than later.

----Thankfully we have commenters -
watch this to the end...


  1. Wishin' and Hopin' won't get it done.

    I contemplate the use of force with absolute horror, and I strongly advocate it be used ONLY as a last resort -- just as it is in the matter of personal "self-defense."

    Every prey fights back against the predator to try to save itself. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
    But I don't see anything particularly noble, admirable or praise-worthy about NOT fighting back and just passively allowing yourself to be lunch.
    If worse comes to worst, seems to me the least a free human being can do is go down swinging. Take a lesson from boxing; if you throw punches you always have a CHANCE of winning. IF you DON'T throw any punches, you have no chance at all.

    liberty & justice,


  2. "Battle at Kruger"

  3. Yes SJ - when it comes to self defense there is no other alternative. I know you are right about that.

    I was trying to address some of the more crazy stuff I suppose - but what is more crazy than war, torture and murder?

    I think when I start wishing death on certain people I'm somehow starting to become just like them. I'm not a torturer. I'm not a murderer. These things make me sick and deeply disturb me - knowing I'm paying for this.

    Wishin' and hopin' won't do it for sure, but I still wish and hope for the hell of it - maybe just for today - 'cause I just don't have any new ideas right now.

    Thanks for commenting and coming by.


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