Jordan Maxwell, "Godfather of Secret Societies" and New World Order Shill

Note: This is why religion has no place in government. Jordan Maxwell, and his critic that makes this video - get lost in religious esoterica - while the train moves down the track - that is - TSA gets more power - the wars continue - we lose our property to international bankers via the Federal reserve.

As far as I know - our problems exist here on Earth. Our problems are traceable to people - just like you and me - who use their positional power to abuse the system to their advantage. They use a private self-serving media they own to keep us in the dark.

These religious discussions get us no where. They are interesting and have their place - but they have no place in the political process - except in understanding the motives of those who have no place in government.

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  1. Thank you for posting this interesting and enlightening video! Food for thought is always welcome!


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