Petraeus plans to triple armed Afghan villagers

"General Petraeus says the training is being conducted with the oversight of Afghan authorities, local government, police and elders. “They work for the district chief of police, not a local warlord or elder or power-broker,” he said.""
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Note:  I noticed the use of the word "elders" - you know - those pesky people here in the 'states' nobody cares about.  But oh - wait - it's Afghanistan - so now the people - the wise ones - that are thrown around like dog-crap here in the states - are suddenly "elders."  Petraeus - ha ha ha- dumb fuck.  Hey man - go kill some more people you fuckin' tool.  Uniform-boy.  Coward.  

Petraeus is obviously a dumb-fuck.  And a yes-man.  And a follower - how else can this puss-boy make it in the American military as an enabler of globalists prosecuting pre-emptive (wars of aggression) wars based on torture based on lies?  

Ha ha ha - what a clown - the scum rising to the top of the cesspool once more.  What is the mission over there since bin Laden has been dead since 2001?  Huh?  What is the mission?  It's fake and Petraeus knows that it is fake - but the sissy-boy needs another ribbon - another metal clip to pin on his stupid uniform.  What a stupid dunce.  

Perhaps we need to bring back cone-shaped hats for these military traitors to the Constitution.  Stupid.  

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