War for Sale-Behind the Scenes - Vids

All the propaganda tools used then are used now. There is nothing new in the art of selling and financing a war. Each of these is the first of a series - in the interest of saving space I didn't put the rest of the series on this page.

The same skullduggery went on behind the scenes for WW2. Hitler had backers for sure. Who are the backers of the wars today? We all know the military-industrial-educational-federalwork complex get more and more money with each redline of the fear-o-meter. Schopenhaur behind the scenes - etc... Same thing continues today. Notice also how the idea of the secret society was picked up in Asia by the Germans and brought back to Germany as a way to work behind the scenes to advance agendas.


  1. More rubbish. MSM billing itself as secrets revealed- by vomiting the same establishment upchuck. Where is the real backstory of the Balfour agreement as a main cause of entry? That this was planned back in 1903-4 already?
    Even repeats their 'backstory' lies: Germany NEVER offered Mexico that back channel to attack us- it was a Churchill agitprop technique.

    Wast of time, NOTHING we havent been brainwashed with for a century.

  2. There is truth and lies mixed up everywhere. You have to look at ALL of it and figure out the big picture. Calliong anything a "waste of time" may be true since you are already educated - but someone else may not be.

    The History channel blows. Yes I know that. But that doesn't mean that everything they put out is pure lies. They mix the lies with the truth.

    But regardless - wars are financed by backers. You can't have a war without money. No money - you lose.

  3. ...the idea here is to whet the appetite of the initiated so they will begin digging on their own. They'll get to the truth eventually - but they need a start. These vids did a good job of showing that there IS INDEED a "backstory" as you put it. Facing that reality is a big hurdle for many people. The rest comes easier.


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