Watch the movie - then listen to the audio of the author -

Yes - Orwellian terrorism as a tool of the ruling class to keep us in check is becoming passe.  Listen to the expert tell you how a "scientific dictatorship" - is the way to go.  Not because it is a more humane way to make us "love our servitude" - but simply because it is more efficient.

Only sick people think this way - and by the way:  Why are events unfolding to show that we are moving from a TSA-style Orwellian-mess into a Huxlian-hell?  This cannot be by accident.  If you think so - I feel very sorry for your kids - because their parent/s are stupid.  Think about that.  You may need a mirror.  No - I am not interested in being your friend - I'm interested in waking you up.

Watch this mind-blowing movie - I still cannot stop thinking about it - does the book justice - then listen to the sicko who wrote it in the links below it.  The movie is long - yes - watch it - absorb it - think about it.  Then the links....scary - that is - if you can maintain your attention span on this non-sporting event without a ball, net, goalpoast or basket.

What kind of people think in these mass-mind-control terms?  (Hint:  Starts with a "D", rhymes with "pict" and ends in "ator.")

Wake up folks from your Huxlian Hypnosis.  De-numbing is first- realization and admission comes next - only then can action follow.


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