Lifting the Veil Video

Make sure to listen just a few minutes in to our President's words as he campaigned for the office he now holds.

The applause from the audience demonstrates that the American people want torture to stop, the wars to stop - etc...  Hence his election.

If you are not angry after watching this video, that is, if you were one of those who voted for the mystery man - I don't know what can help awaken you.

If you are pro-war and didn't vote for him since he pledged to end the wars and the torture -  I wonder why you don't love the man - since he has done nothing but continue the insane war policies of the previous corrupter-in-chief.  What's NOT to like about him if you want to keep Gitmo open, continue wars based upon lies based upon torture.  Why not like a guy who goes to bat for the banks with your tax-bailout money - while letting your property be taken from you during difficult financial times with no relief for you?

Something is rotten in the District.  Everybody is waking up to the alarming reality that we no longer have a functioning government.

If you don't believe me, ask how a UN resolution to bomb Libya can commit U.S. troops anywhere when only Congress has the power to declare war according to the United States Constitution?  The only conclusion one can logically reach is that our government is a facade.  The Constitution is blatantly ignored.  The people are left to fend for themselves as the public treasury is looted and private property is confiscated.

This is an important video that may remind you how we got to where we are right now.  No - it's not the fault of the people of the United States for what is going on - after all they voted for the opposite of what they got.  It's the fault of the liars and political manipulators that led Americans into a trap.  But it will have to be the people that fix this.

Awakening to the phony left vs. right fraud is an important realization that will bring us together to get our common goals accomplished.  There is always room for disagreement on certain issues - but it is important not to let the propagandists manipulate us with the divisive issues that are dragged out of the closet every election cycle.

Yes - abortion and gay rights and guns are used as dividers.  But we need to see through this smokescreen first to get to the core of our problems.  The wars are bankrupting our nation.  Yet they are not mentioned much in the mainstream media.  Why?  As always - who benefits?

The revolution has begun whether you like it or not.  If you are a newcomer - you'd better get busy getting caught up on who has been benefitting as you've been losing.  That's always a great place to start.  Once motive can be seen, one can move on to means and opportunity.  All you have to do is look.  The information is there.

The decentralized peaceful civil disobedience method is the name of the game today.  The more voices the better - hopefully we can get our government back under control before things actually do turn violent.

Use your voice while you still can.

Lifting the Veil from S DN on Vimeo.

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