Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Bruce Fein

Note:  An example for all lawyers to follow.


  1. The mewling noises stopped. Obviously they forgot ever having heard of their constitutional obligations and the Watergate Hearings as an example of responsible behavior. But just as the tape closed, I heard those noises starting up again, with the chair leading the charge.

  2. ...Yeah we like to bitch about lawyers but here are the real ones and who will listen to them?

    Lawyers like this make me want to eat all the bad words I ever said about lawyers - but then again where are the rest?

  3. A Fine Job by Bruce Fein.

  4. Here is that quote from Tacitus: A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more and amid the passive acquiescence of all. -Tacitus

    Do you see it clearly now?


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