Video: Jesse Ventura and "Incurious George " : Why is George Stephanopoulos so incredulous?

Bring back the real "curious George" puleez!

Once again - I'm watching a "news" program with a former governor expressing his sincere concerns that our government has and continues to commit horrible acts - and that he would like them to stop.  He presents a new book compiling government documents demonstrating his case.  But evidence seems to come last in the American "press."  Watch the video below - see if you feel the same way.

As usual - Jesse Ventura tries to explain his concerns to a "reporter/journalist" who cannot seem to grasp the idea that powerful people in powerful positions often take advantage of their positions to forward their agendas.  Another "journalist" without a hint of distrust in his government - without a moment of agreement that our government has lied to us in the distant and recent past - just ...you guessed it... a clip from a soap opera that seems to trivialize the gravity of the subject matter Jesse Ventura has come to the show to elucidate.

How can a person in the media serve as a "watchdog" if they are not watching for trouble to bark at - but simply waiting for the next hot dog thrown their way to lap up while the crook gets in through the back door?

We need real journalists - not gigglepusses - jokesters - jesters - or more naive little punks.  We need people who can smell a rat and can follow a lead when someone presents evidence.  We need journalists who can recognize complex things - like "clues" - and "motives."

Perhaps these worn-out media personalities would serve their country better by just fading away like good soldiers - making way for some new blood with the brass balls required for our second American revolution of truth and transparency.

My compliments to Jesse Ventura for his hard work - and I hope he and Ron Paul run as independents in the coming presidential election.  They have my vote already.

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