Transocean gives bonuses after Gulf of Mexico BP spill

"The offshore drilling firm responsible for running the Deepwater Horizon rig has given its top executives bonuses for its "best year" for safety.
Transocean was blamed along with BP and Halliburton after last year's massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Eleven workers, nine of whom worked for Transocean, died when the Deepwater Horizon exploded almost a year ago."
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Note:  More greedy fat cats laughing at the rest of us.  Wow - if that was a "best year" for safety one must wonder what a bad year looks like.  Enjoy your oily shrimp.  Perhaps it won't be so bad compared to the radioactive stuff you can get from Japan.  
Where is the justice?  It is obvious that the legal system here in the 'states is designed to protect rich criminals at the expense of the rest of us.  

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