Can America afford endless wars and foreign aid? Pics to ponder...

Area around the entrance to National Park
Here's a view from I-64 scenic overlook


  1. Did you give $5000 to your congress critter last election cycle (that's the max for a married couple)? No? They why would you expect your congress critter to care about you? If you and, say, a few hundred of your friends give $5000 per family, the critter WILL care about you. See how easy?

  2. Thanks anon - I think you about summed it up!

  3. Ah! The light dawns! Now I know what the answer to voting is. Voting stopped meaning anything many years ago. We need to get together and buy our congress critters. Less expensive than fighting in the streets - maybe.

    Just hock everything we've never owned and give it all to our favorite congressmen.

  4. They spend money to make more-secret money-like from the opium they grow now in Afghanistan, and from oil and everything they can steal (gold) from these countries they plunder, all the money they take back that made the dictators in power rich-it all goes back to those who gave it to them-the USA/Israel. They make drug addicts out of soldiers (PSTD) to buy their drugs, more future customers come out of their wars. The money they spend on war goes in the pockets of themselves/friendss-the owners of companies who profit from war, who get all the money that the Govt. spends-bankers get rich off all the borrowed money-they are getting rich off war-death and drugs because they are the forces of satan-leading the USA/Israel.
    It is pure evil.
    They don't get rich off of making the world a better more heavenly place for all-they get rich making while making the world a living hell-for everyone else.
    Why do soldiers and police keep such evil in power? They will go to Hell for what they have done.

  5. Hey lay off! the US Congress has to do its duty and support the people they represent in Israel. We can't afford new roads right now because we have to give our money to the Jewish "State" [sic] to build brand new JEWS-ONLY roads for the Jews-only racial colonies. Lighten up, everybody knows that Americans have to put the interests of Israel first!

  6. The best law-makers/breakers money can buy. Thanks, AIPAC.

  7. We can't blame it all on AIPAC can we? Those drones and cruise missiles and endless wars and troop deployments to over a hundred undisclosed nations - and a new one in Libya - can't keep track.....don't forget about all that.


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