Political "Moovement" on Capital Hill

Note:  The FDA doesn't make a peep about giving you a radiation shower at the airport - and your kids too - but don't you dare drink that milk from a cow!  I hope these folks realize that their only hope is Ron Paul.


  1. No one gets any media attention or makes it on the ticket without the express blessing of TPTB.

    If by some bizarre accident, Paul manages to win, what are the odds the only pars of his agenda he'll succeed in implementing are the ones which devastate the country?

    ie, SS and Medicare ended, but foreign aid continues unabated. FED is closed, only to have US hooked onto a global currency.

    “Ron Paul: Social Security and Medicare Should be Abolished Like Slavery Was

  2. why would the only guy actually talking about abating foreign aid not do so? 'ron paul is the only guy with the courage to mention stopping foreign aid - especially to israel

  3. I know, sound too good to be true, doesn't it? (setting aside whether this is something the President can do without congress)

  4. I don't mean to piss on your parade, or act like I know everything, I like a lot of what Paul has to say, but then I am reminded of his son, slobbering on Israel's knob. Fruits don't fall very far from the tree. And, there is the undeniable fact that nobody stands an ice cubes chance in Israhell unless they are ordained by the JPTB. Call me suspicious.

    Cheers friend. Keep up the good work.

  5. Ron Paul's son is on video advocating for cutting aid to Israel. That IS A FACT. Y0u can try to "piss on my parade" all you want - but first try making some sense and stating facts.

    Rand Paul is on video demanding an end to all foreign aid including Israel.

  6. Well, sport, here are a few facts.

    The political benefits of cutting aid for Israel are manifold... for Israel and its US congressmen. Around 84% of the aid Israel receives is in the form of military assistance. Israel is the worlds 8th largest arms exporter. Therefore, cessation of aid would foster growth in Israel's weapons sector, so in the end, anyone openly advocating cutting off aid to Israel knows full well that it would actually benefit Israel, and would score some brownie points for themselves in the process with the America-firsters. Additionally, many poorer Islamic countries in the neighborhood would have their aid cut off as well. Russia and China may very well step in to fill the void, and voila, more pretext for the final war. Lastly, money gifts equal influence. Without pouring billions into Israel's lap on a yearly basis, they will be less inclined to listen when the US is begrudgingly forced by their constituents and the international community to implore Israel to use a modicum of restraint in their murderous endeavors.link

    "Manhigut Yehudit... the most right-wing and the largest sector within the Likud Central Committee... endorsed Ron Paul, saying he should be “the Zionist choice for President”" Manhigut Yehudit has denounced foreign aid, as have JDL founder Meir Kahane, and JTF, as laid out in their lovely little "7-point plan", essentially arguing they can murder with more impunity when not beholden to US taxpayers.

    "Zionists for Ron Paul" Key words -"NON-INTERVENTION"... in Israeli affairs, of course. In other words, let the dog off the leash. An examination of the various other pro-Paul media ought to speak for itself.

    Like the bogus Palestinian unity deal, cutting aid is an idea whose time has come. It's a card up the sleeve.

    As with Obama, folks are suffering from a terminal case of selective hearing with the good doctor.

    People make all sorts of claims when they're angling for an election. If Ron were the real deal, he would most assuredly meet the same fate as JFK.

  7. Ron "I want to get rid of the Department of Education" because "Education is not a right"

    Ron "Social Security and Medicare Should be Abolished"

    Ron "We should streamline already laughably lax oil industry approval procedures"

    Ron supported Israel's 1981 bombing of Osirak nuclear plant in Iraq when congress and the UN condemned it.

    In 2007, Ron was endorsed by a Steering Committee member of the Bilderberg group.

    You and all the other truthers who believe in Ron Paul exhibit the perplexingly myopic belief that a rigged system can be changed by working within the confines a rigged system. Like I said, I like a lot of what Ron Paul has to say, but his sincerity is irrelevant, he is a tool. Go ahead and cast your kosher ballot, and hope for some change, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is not the American people who actually choose the President. I refer again to my earlier point, no one gets any media attention or makes it on the ticket without the express blessing of TPTB.

    Personally, I'd sooner vote for David Duke, or even Roseanne Barr. Both express a far more practical understanding of our relationship with Israel, and more useful notions of what America really needs.

    It would seem you're in the same category of [expletive withheld] you just railed against in your latest post. Maybe you can explain how you're any different than the rigidly dogmatic, reflexively lashing out at anyone who challenges your viewpoints rather than making a judicious review of the challenge leveled. Perhaps it is you too who will deserve what you get. Maybe you should do some research of your own before you open your fool mouth in admonishment of a friendly voice.

    Is that making sense?


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