Boo Hoo: Israelis decry US refusal to let traitorous Israeli spy see dying father

"Pollard, a former US Navy analyst, passed thousands of secret documents about American spy activities in the Arab world to Israel between May 1984 and his arrest in November 1985.

He was granted Israeli citizenship in 1995 and was officially recognised by the Jewish state as an Israeli spy in 1998."
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Note:  During the American Revolutionary War spies were executed.  Pollard betrayed my country.  Pollard endangered America and American personnel.  What about them?  Those who sell out America are enemies - plain and simple.  Since torture has become fashionable in America - why not waterboard him to get some secrets?  That's what my government is telling me - that torture works.  But I suppose that torture is reserved for Muslims and "enemies of the state" (lawful dissidents.)

The mixed messages of the US Federal government - the inconsistencies in justice - the double standards - the undefinable slogans - are undoing themselves.  

This Pollard affair is simply revolting.  Why aren't the Pollard supporters carrying placards - as mentioned in the article arrested for supporting a terrorist?  Yes a terrorist.  Pollard.  That makes his supporters terrorists for aiding him.
Why isn't Pollard treated like American whistleblowers - who are accused of revealing secrets that supposedly endanger our security - despite the underlying reasons for their actions - to bring truth to the American public so more informed decisions can be taken by our democratic process?  

Why isn't Pollard treated like Bradley Manning?  :
"Manning has been held in torturous conditions at Quantico for seven months. He is in “maximum security confinement” in a single, bare cell 23 hours a day. The other hour is for solitary exercise under a guard’s supervision.
In early March, Manning was forced to remain naked for hours, supposedly for “suicide prevention.” (New York Times, March 2) “This type of degrading treatment is inexcusable and without justification,” wrote his lawyer, David Coombs. “It is an embarrassment to [the U.S.] military justice system and should not be tolerated.”
A Marine spokesperson claimed the step was “not punitive.” President Barack Obama said that he had been assured that measures such as forcing Pfc. Manning to sleep without clothing were “justified and for his safety,” the Times said. (March 11)
Geoff Morrell, Pentagon press secretary told MSNBC that the conditions of Manning’s confinement are attributed to “the seriousness of the charges he’s facing, the potential length of sentence, the national security implications and to protect him from potential harm.” (March 3)
On March 2, the Pentagon announced the addition of 22 new charges, including “aiding the enemy,” which carries the death penalty."

Yes - America's double standards are telling indeed.  There are those above the law - like Israeli spies who cry about being in jail when they should have been hanged - enjoying positive media coverage.  And then....there are the rest of us - true American patriots who know that to criticize the Federal Government during this Orwellian nightmare - or to reveal information that demonstrates crime at the highest levels - may carry the death penalty - regardless of the intent of the leaks.

I'd like to add that I don't care much for the Wikileaks show - Julian Assange has been quite vocal about helping to discredit the 911 truth movement.  That means he gets a zero for credibility in my book.

Our laws are for everybody - high or low.  It isn't supposed to matter.  Social status - money - etc... are not supposed to factor in when justice is to be served.  All one must do is open their eyes to see that this is hardly the case in America - and we must continue the fight to reverse the trend.


  1. Pollard didn't sell secrets dealing with the "Arab world", he sold information about our nuclear deterrent program, which was then sold to Russia (the ones the plan was meant to deter) by Israel in exchange for bringing more Jews to Israel out of Russia. If Nuclear war had broken out we would have been a giant radioactive glass crater, while the enemy would have been hunky dory! How many operatives in Russia were killed because of this guy? Makes me sick!

  2. Thanks for straightening out the facts anonymous. I apologize for not being well-versed enough to know those details.

    I didn't follow the Pollard thing "as it happened" so don't know the full story - but every time this joker comes up in the news I cannot help but vent my anger at the double standards.

    Thanks again for your input.


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