So Lemme get this straight - American guns really are to blame for violence in Mexico?

UPDATE JUNE 17, 2011:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/exposed-the-secret-guns-sting-that-backfired-on-the-us-2297924.html

update june 17, 2011:  http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/06/17/carney_obama_did_not_know_about_or_authorize_border_gunrunning_operation.html

First consider that el presidente Phil Calderon wants a ban on U.S. Citizens' second amendment rights to own "assault weapons" [sic] because his country is a war zone:

"Mexican President Felipe Calderon called on Congress today in a speech to reinstate a federal ban on the sale of assault weapons and to reform the nation's "broken" immigration system.
Calderon said while he admires the Constitution and understands the purpose of the second amendment, Mexican drug cartels are using assault weapons purchased in the United States to dangerously ratchet up the epidemic levels of drug violence in the country.
"The violence in Mexico started to grow in 2006...which coincides with the lifting of the assault weapons ban," he said. "Today, these weapons are aimed not only at rival gangs but also at Mexican citizens and authorities.

Muy interesting methinks - after all - how are American citizens in the border states supposed to defend themselves from violent drug-runners our own federal government refuses to stop?  From the "war zone" link above:

"It is not the first time shots have been exchanged along the Texas-Mexico border. Since January of last year, DPS has tracked at least a dozen incidents of shots being fired from Mexico and into Texas, with U.S. officers shooting back in some cases."

So the facade our mainstream, globalist, corporate-owned media presents to the public is yet another self-serving pack of lies intended to con the American public deeper into a sense of  FALSE SECURITY - that we must give up our rights to preserve our rights.  But wait - there's more...

Using the techniques of the master prestidigator - while the left side of their mouth spreads the lie that guns in the hands of the public are a problem for Mexico - we find that the opposite is true.  Consider this article where we learn of even more federal skullduggery regarding arms dealing:

“This is not a discovery process of what happened. We know what happened. We know that this Administration at the highest levels approved a process that allowed thousands of high powered weapons, basically AK-47s and M-16 look alikes, to go to the worst of the worst on both sides of the borders.”

“This was an operation approved in Washington.”  -Congressman Darrell Issa"

The boom-business that is American arms-dealing should come as no surprise to the every-increasing body politic eschewing TV "news" - choosing instead to exercise their own critical abilities to glean the truth from the still-unstaged ocean of information available only on the internet.  Consider THIS recent article:

"WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States plans to export $46.1 billion in weapons this year, nearly doubling its 2010 figures, officials said.
During the fiscal year 2011, which ends September 30, Washington expects the sales of equipment and military services through its Foreign Military Sales process to grow.
About 79 percent of these exports are financed by client countries and organizations, with the remainder funded by US aid programs.
US military equipment sales, confined to about $10 billion in the early 2000s, tripled to around $30 billion after 2005.
"From 2005 to 2010, we have delivered through the Foreign Military Sales process $96 billion worth of equipment, goods and services to partner countries," said Defense Security Cooperation Agency Director Vice Admiral William Landay."

So should it come as any surprise that the warmongers that own such a large segment of the federal government would send a few AK's and M-16's South of the Border?  What's the big deal?  I suppose the answer to that question depends on which end of the barrels of those guns one finds themself:  
But rest assured says presidente Phil Calderon - Mexico is a great place to vacation!  Nothing to see here folks!  Everything is under control:
"The recent World Travel & Tourism Summit in Las Vegas featured the Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, who spoke about his country as a safe tourist destination and tried to raise Mexico’s international profile."
Sure it is!  

There are many great sources of information available - it is up to YOU - the CITIZEN - to become well-informed -ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law - and it is no excuse for shirking YOUR responsibility of keeping your own government "tied down with the chains of the Constitution" (TJ).  

Please examine the links in the left column of this blog - there are excellent radio broadcasts - excellent websites - all committed to the fundamental foundation of our liberty - an informed citizenry.  

As the saying goes:  "You can lead a horse to water - but you can't make her drink."  

You know where the water is.  I know you're thirsty. 

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