US Agency's Gun Operation Stirs Anger in Mexico, US

"“ATF is supposed to stop criminals from trafficking guns to Mexican drug cartels or, I guess, any place else; instead the ATF made it easier for alleged cartel middlemen to get weapons from U.S. gun dealers,” said Grassley.

Senator Grassley and others on the committee have complained that the ATF and Justice Department have provided little information about the gun-tracing operation, how it was conducted and who supervised it."
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Note:  Of course they provided little information - because they don't have to.  Their spokesmodels will go to the Congressional circus (provided for the public) and this will blow over as we hear more news about dicks in Congress.

I wonder how anyone working at the TSA or so-called "Justice" department show their faces in public - after all - they are the front line soldiers - the useful idiots - given their guns and uniforms to make them feel like big men - and in return they abuse the American public and the laws of this nation.

In the end - incidents like this crookery - done on behalf of the American taxpayer - can only result in the collapse of the rule of law.  If those entrusted to enforce the laws are crooks - there really is no law - except the law of the jungle.

Thanks BATF!  You suck!

...and when you are done with the dog-and-pony show smokescreen in front of congress - I'm sure there are plenty of people you can use for a bonfire like the one in Waco - remember the barbecue y'all had with your FBI hostage roasting team buddies?

Just a bunch of gun-slinging NAZIs - from the top to the bottom.  


  1. This whole scheme was just an attempt to demonize legitimate gun dealers and lawful gun owners. They weren't counting on government agents with a conscience blowing the whistle. I hope this isn't swept under the rug. You're right the BATF and the "Justice" Department are a joke.

  2. The only way to keep us in fear (and controllable) is to give us something to fear. Anyone notice the amount of incidences happening over the Mexican/US border? Keep us in fear, and give the baddies the guns, that'll keep us in line........ or will it? Seems like it gives the gubment more reasons to take our freedoms. Eventually people are going to get fed up. It seems to take Americans a lot longer to drag themselves away from the television set just to SEE what is happening around them. Get rid of cable TV, then see how fast the public will wake up.

  3. ATF agents have always been known for very low IQ, even compared to other law enforcement agencies. The FBI routinely humiliates the ATF, as they did when the ATF found Timothy McVeigh and the FBI took credit. The ATF comes up with stupid schemes to grab credit, as they tried to do at Waco. Of course, the FBI took over at Waco got its share of the blame.


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