WTC7 "collapse" vid: corner angle view

Note:  Since the building was never hit by a plane - perhaps it just suffered a nervous breakdown after seeing the twin towers atomize - and fell down perfectly into its own footprint so as not to cause too much trouble for the neighboring buildings.  Or maybe - the building was really made out of cheese - like the moon is - and thats why it fell down so neatly and perfectly into its own footprint.  Wait - I know - WTC7 was starved for attention - and - not wanting WTC1 and 2's collapses to steal the limelight - did itself in for a few minutes of fame.  (WTC7 didn't know that the mainstream media and the 911 Omission Report would pretend it never collapsed the way it did.)

There are so many possibilities to consider - except for ..... controlled demolition.....right?  After all - NOBODY would EVER dream of committing such a demonic act right?  I know I never would.  I know you never would.  So controlled demo - the only plausible explanation must be dismissed since the world is not made of men/women - but of angels- right?

Maybe WTC7 was just tired of standing up - yeah that's it..........


  1. Notice also that those puffs went from the bottom up. That proves controlled demolition beyond all possible doubt. Had those puffs been caused by upper floors pancaking down onto lower ones, then the puffs would have gone from the top down.

  2. Thanks anon for the observations.

    Yes - the implications are horribly dark - and the herd's denial of what is in plain sight unsettling.

    I've always been amazed that the insurance companies that had to pay up for this fraudulent claim remain mute. But maybe I should not be amazed - since only high crimes go unpunished in America - while the mushroom masses are subjected to illegal search and seizure - insane police brutality - etc...

  3. It just keeps happening! Reactor 4 at Fukushima is Building 7 all over again! Check out http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima.html
    How does a reactor that's been shut down for refueling explode?
    If there had been a 9.0 earthquake, why wasn't anyone running for the high ground? Where is all the destruction? A 9.0 is like being being punted by God, and yet in every video I've seen, there is almost no damage? TPTB are doing it again!

  4. Wonder what it would take to finally blow the lid off the 9/11 hoax. Wonder if it will ever be exposed. You would think Russia or China, if they knew something, would come forward just to screw with America. Wonder if most of the players in this infamous attack were killed-off and it is why we don't have any whistleblowers. Maybe their "headquarters" was WTC7 and they didn't know it was rigged to be "pulled".

  5. The Wondering "Anonymous" abobe is me, CHIMP.

  6. Chimp! Thanks for coming by - haven't been writing much lately - kinda' regrouping - thinking about new approaches.

    Check out the vid http://americansjourney.blogspot.com/2011/06/real-story-expose-nwo-2.html

    I never considered that the corruption reached to international levels - but the evidence seems to be pointing in that direction... the other nations make deals with our oligarchs - whether those deals entail blackmail, bribes, or other means to reach the venal ones... but they have their reasons (holding onto power) to keep quiet while cutting deals that will feather their own nests.



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