Cliches and YOU LEAVE

I Just KNOW you KNOW something

What is wrong with this place?

I've heard people say "Hey - if you don't like it here - LEAVE!

My answer:  "No- You Leave - and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."

So many times I hear the poor-excuses for citizens in this corrupted country "piss on my leg and tell me it's raining." It pisses me off to be pissed upon.

I had to rest today - I mean - fucking lay down in the early afternoon and go the fuck to sleep.  Of course - I got zero rest as the phantasm in my mind did its usual job of tormenting me with the obvious fucked-upedness of America.

They told me it was the "Land of the Free" and the "Home of the Brave" - yet all I see are debt-slaves and cowards afraid to discuss serious political issues with their own neighbors.

Oh - did I tell you I ran over a raccoon with my car last night?  It was horrible.  I braked so hard to miss the poor creature that every fucking thing in my car flew forward with such force that it was all compacted together into one trash-heap - as I discovered as I tried to extract computers and tools from the now-solid mass in the morning.  I never looked at the front of the "car" (which it isn't really - and it isn't a truck) - I don't care what damage it caused - I just keep watching the "snuff-film" in my mind - yes - my cinematographic mind - that does me the "favor" of recording the sickest shit in slow motion for me to watch over and over just at the right moment - when things are quiet and I need some peace......  There are exceptions to this rule - one when an "improvised explosive device" I was making ,as a chemistry student, and competing with my friend "Joe" (yes - that's his real name- and he got blown up a month earlier) blew a porcelain mortar into dust in my right hand leaving my left-hand shadow on the pestle - don't remember that one - but I remember the particles embedded in my eyeballs - yes - eyeballs - just under the line where my eyelids made it down in some reflex-miracle to the 1/3rd-of-the-way-down position )    ......or one time when I tried to pass somebody up in Alexandria on my old bike - didn't have the room to squeeze through - shoulda' "bought it" that time - don't remember - just .....somehow ......the movie kept playing.  Good gawd that bomb messed up my hearing - in the ear not facing the blast!

Although I'm muttering minutiae here - there is a purpose - a purpose I don't myself understand.  A need perhaps - maybe my own - or maybe yours - my cherished reader.

I felt so sick today - just really physically sick - because mankind - at this present moment - is sick.  Our society is controlled by psychopaths - people who publicly shill for torture - war - killing - and profiting from this gore-whorefest of money-grubbing bloodthirsty pirates.

I have not, for one moment, "fallen for it."  I used to pity those who have "fallen for it" - now I just hate them - with an indelible hatred that can be washed off like a tatoo - NOT -

I want to sleep - deeply - safely - and wake up to an awake and refreshed world.  The world I somehow think exists somewhere - perhaps only in my mind - the world where people stop killing each other.  Where torture or first-degree murder - by the individual - or one's government - remains an act punishable - in some places - by death - because the heinousness of the crime is not only intolerable - not only shockingly obscene - but worthy of the gallows - especially for public officials taking our money to commit such acts - so the EXAMPLE CAN BE SET for those following with similar notions/intentions.

If you are a torturer - I HATE YOU - I hate you so much that if I catch you torturing ANYTHING ANYWHERE IN MY PRESENCE - YOU ARE "GONNA GET IT."  FROM ME.

IF I SO MUCH AS SEE SOMEBODY PULL THE WINGS OFF A FLY IN MY PRESENCE - good luck to you.  Targeted killing - masked by the disguise of CIA or some other mafioso-pussy group - should be punishable by DEATH.  But not before a good PUBLIC TAR AND FEATHERING.

It is time to MAKE EXAMPLES of the psychopaths using OUR TAX MONEY to HURT PEOPLE.  I don't care what race creed or religion some innocent child belongs to - or which God/s the poor tyke's parent pray to -it doesn't matter to me.  Sitting somewhere near 'Vegas firing missiles from a "video game-like booth" ' will no longer pass muster in the world I hope to wake up in tomorrow morning.

No - in the world I wake up in - officers in the armed forces payed for with tax dollars taken from me with the threat of force - officers will only issue orders that are morally legal.  And yes - morals are simple -we can all tell when we are doing something wrong - the question becomes and individual one - will I, or will I NOT - just join the CROWD, THE MOB, THE MASS- MIND AND PARTICIPATE IN MADNESS BECAUSE "EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT!"    That is not a good reason.

Reasoning is purely individual - and the most difficult operation - and most natural for the human mind.  But this is a good thing.  Being human means giving a shit when one runs over an animal - knowing that "it could have been me" or "I hope he/she didn't suffer" or "Geez - I hope the critter didn't have babies waiting for food" - you know - those things that make us HUMAN - those thoughts -that- a few killings later - haunt us and beg us to end our lives by our own hand as American soldiers have been doing in greater numbers than the enemy can kill them.

I think I should end this rambling disgrace here - and leave everyone with this thought:

What are YOU doing to stop the monsters?

Think about THIS

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